Weekend Acting Workshop In Bangalore At Meeraqi By Avinashi Singh And Ishan Jotshi

Weekend Acting Workshop In Bangalore At Meeraqi By Avinashi And Ishan

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Weekend Acting Workshop In Bangalore At Meeraqi By Avinashi Singh And Ishan Jotshi

Weekend Acting Workshop In Bangalore At Meeraqi By Avinashi Singh And Ishan Jotshi

Meeraqi is going to host a two day weekend acting workshop in Bangalore for all theatre enthusiasts, artists, film makers, writers, students, or any one from anywhere. The only thing you need to attend this workshop is a keen interest and excitement to understand the world a little more and a desire to become someone else or explore another side of yourself for a while. Here, you will find the encouragement to become anyone you want, and behave anyway you please. It is the time to let go of all worldly constructs and see the world through a different lens.

However, as open and idealistic it sounds, to facilitate these happenings, we have in store for you a few developmental blocks that you can use to transform yourself and learn a little more about acting. These are the topics we would be exploring in our two-day weekend acting workshop in Bangalore:

Stage Awareness

As much as acting is about exploring oneself, it is also about knowing that you are the medium of telling a story to your audience and therefore you must know how to tell this story. This is where stage awareness comes in. An actor must know what the stage does, its power and how to be truly present on it. An actor’s energy and presence is what makes a stage come alive. And therefore, what angle of your face is the audience seeing, what is not visible and where one should place him/herself become important details to know about.

Voice Modulation

But what are you ultimately on a stage? You are not you and you are not your character too. Before all of that, at the most basic level, you are a body, energy and a voice. Therefore dialogue delivery, voice modulation and speech are very important lessons to learn while practicing one’s acting skills. If your voice cannot command the stage, it really won’t be able to make the desired impact on the audience of the story you are telling them on stage. Therefore a good chunk of the workshop also focuses on training your vocal chords and your speech.

Body Language

But, you are also a body, right? An actor’s body is the strongest tool of telling a story with silence, perseverance and patience. One must remember that an actor’s voice is not something that complements the body, but adds to it and vice versa. The body language is thus a very important and distinct way of saying the most important and unsaid things. The loudest dialogues are the ones that are not said and these can only come through an actor’s body movements and expressions.

Movement and Diction

Therefore, these are the two important and physical aspects that make an actor; movement and diction. But when you play a role, you must be able to imbibe your characters’ upbringing, surroundings, tastes and choices in his/her walk and speech too. You can tell a lot about a person through the way they talk and react. This is also how the audience ‘judges’ and ascertains the character’s nature and intentions in a performance.

Audition Prep

So, once you have studied movement and diction, stage awareness and presence, you might think, you are ready to give an audition. But it is not so. You really need to know the story and the character and lose yourself in them. And then to present yourself in that correct state of imbalance and balance, you must know how to become the story in order to give a good audition. Therefore, audition prep is a tiring and exciting process of transformation and learning that we will concentrate on. If you are devoting yourself to acting and practicing so much, we also want to make sure you get to play the roles you want and feel for.


Having said all that, we must also emphasize that none of the above practical approaches are of any consequence at all, if you do not have imagination. Acting and theatre rest on the suspension of disbelief, which works because of an imaginative mind and in order to be a good actor, one must be able to imagine and create different worlds and personalities around and inside oneself. Our workshop makes sure of stretching the boundaries of the mind and exploring the distant dusty locked doors hidden within our subconscious mind through exercises and discussions.


Therefore, all we ask you of is to be completely involved and immersed in the acting process by leaving behind your inhibitions. If you leave your inhibitions, fears and insecurities outside the class, you will be able to learn much faster and much more deeply. And we too will create a comfortable and inspiring environment that will help in your acting learning process. Acting requires one to be thoroughly and unconsciously involved, invested and vulnerable to everyone and everything in the world (while you are inside the workshop).


Acting is all about expressing and sometimes exaggerating and portraying the character’s feelings with utmost devotion. Expressionism is an art form that arose out of discomfort from war and a desperate need to draw attention to the situation of the world. This is widely used in acting till date and we will be dipping our feet in many such pools of education too.

Therefore, there are numerous theories and numerous techniques which are inseparable from theatre and acting. One other such theory we will be exploring in depth will be that of ‘Catharsis’.


Catharsis is a poetic term affiliated generally with Aristotle. In theatre, catharsis means neutralizing the effect of strong emotions like pity and fear through turning them into passion and insight not only for the audience but for the actors on stage as well. In this theatre workshop, the secrets and confusions around catharsis would be solved, explored and expanded. This also has much to do with the science of psychology and has been used in processes such as in hypnosis first and later in psychoanalysis replacing hypnosis with free association by none other than Freud himself. But if a theatre actor, actor or director wants to use it to convey a certain meaning, how does one do it? Experienced theatre experts, Avinashi Singh and Ishan Jotshi will immerse in this technique and many more in the upcoming two-day weekend acting workshop in Bangalore at Meeraqi.

Theatre is all about experiencing and learning. It is the art of becoming one with the world and trusting it and keeping hope alive and transferring all of this through stories, emotions or through the smallest actions like the twitch of an eyebrow.

About Avinashi Singh:

Avinashi Singh: Facilitator - Acting Workshop In Bangalore At Meeraqi

Theatre – Actor

1980 – PRESENT

  • Done her film and acting diploma from ICCR, Delhi
  • Has been performing in theatre plays since 1980s
  • Did her latest show at Meeraqi in 2017
  • A naturally gifted spontaneous actor!
  • Directed a large number of kids plays in collaboration with National School of Drama in Delhi
  • Has been producing a children’s program on DD National Channel
  • Has been working for All India Radio
  • Presently a theatre activist

Screen – Actor

1980 – PRESENT

  • Performed as a character actor in Maati Kare Pukar

About Ishan Jotshi:

Ishan Jotshi: Facilitator - Acting Workshop In Bangalore At Meeraqi

Theatre – Actor

2012 – PRESENT

  • Performed over 100 shows across Bengaluru with groups such as: Barking Dog, Bangalore Little Theatre, Underdog Entertainment, Natak Nation, Bangalore School Of Speech and Drama
  • Featured on the cover of ‘Indulge’ by The Indian Express with Underdog Entertainment
  • Co- founded ‘Underdog Youth’, partner Theatre Company of Underdog Entertainment

Screen – Actor

2014 – PRESENT

  • Acted and Modelled in TVC and Web ads for: Toyota, Myntra, Nescafe, Kingfisher, Smartron, Ace 2 Three, Sunfeast, Kerala Tourism.
  • Acted in a Short Film titled “Kivi Maathu”

Acting Workshop In Bangalore – Dates:

Jan 20 – Jan 21 2018

Acting Workshop In Bangalore – Timings:

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Acting Workshop In Bangalore – Fees:

Rs 5,000

You can also pay online for Acting Workshop In Bangalore here.

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