Creative Writing Institute For Creative Writing Courses In Bangalore

Creative Writing Institute For Creative Writing Courses In Bangalore

A Creative Writing Institute With Power To Command Flow Of Words Into Content

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A place of learning facilitates your learning and allows you to be able to translate what you mean or are thinking into understandable data, words and phrases for other people to understand your vision too. It teaches you the rules of the game and gives you a place to apply these skills as well.

However, a creative writing institute is a new commodity in the market today. In a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore, where there are millions of voices from all over the world, there is also a need for these voices to be heard. The tricky question is how! Writing is one of the commonest and the most efficient forms of expression and hence, it is one of the most important let-outs for the responsible and self aware people of this city. However, this art form of expression has now been commercialized by business making companies.

Rule to follow: No one can ‘teach’ anyone else how to write. One can only be enthused by another to do so by way of induction.

Creative Writing Courses In Bangalore Will Turn You Into A Storyteller. Real Fun To Learn!

  • Regular Weekday And Weekend Batches

  • Part Time And Short Term Courses

  • A Big List Of Established Creative Writers As Professional Trainers For Beginners As Well As For Adults

Nowadays, we always see hordes of creative writing courses in Bangalore. I always wonder what they would be teaching them inside those four walls with their supportive and patient tutors.

But on the contrary, the practice of writing can make you explore words and worlds like never before. You could go anywhere, be anything or do anything. You could imagine the whole world and beyond and be able to make others understand the same through your vision converted into writing.

You could go these imagined lands and time space everyday or your weekends when you are free of all other worldly burdens. Anyone can write! School goers, institute runners, mothers, lawyers, musicians, cooks, anyone!

And you could join these creative writing courses in Bangalore for how much ever long you want and almost customize these classes according to your needs by putting in a request to Meeraqi. We want to help you dream, fly and live in worlds that have not been explored yet.

And what’s more, is that we understand how important it is to feel. Yes, we have professional trainers and experts for all sorts of writers, but what is special is that these trainers believe in feeling and writing. Writing comes from a place within and one can tell, if it is felt or not while reading it. So, here we teach you how to connect with yourself and nurture that bond.

Business Writing Courses Are Good To Learn Writing For Business

  • Businesses Require Content On A Regular Basis

I myself have learned a lot from some ‘How to write’ genre of books but, I have spent time with myself alone with them too.

Personally speaking, I quite enjoyed my Business Studies classes at school. I was a student with commerce and math (and quite a nerd) and that was the first time, I wrote anything that seemed quite formal. It made me feel older, more mature and more worldly-wise in quite a few ways. I always imagined myself sitting at a corporate office wearing a suit and typing away some agreements as I wrote about laws, business strategies and economics. It seems funny now, because, I am a film maker today. However, because of those images, I have a personal bias towards quite a few business writing courses in Bangalore available to train people in the art of writing for businesses. They have a different way of language, many technical jargons and a lot of rote learning. However, back in school, I was pretty against rote learning and even though we were ‘supposed to’, I never memorized the lines from my business studies textbook. I always had a knack for using formal language. But, I never did what I was ‘supposed’ to do.

Business writing skills exist in every field of work. Because, writing can never be separated form ideation and ideation happens continuously and this ideation needs to be communicated which is what business writing does. I feel adhering to ‘supposed to do’ is just a way of surrendering to the common forms of acceptance with the society, which is why I question why any writer would want to go for creative writing courses in Bangalore. There is nothing much one can learn there except for getting enthused by the research done by experts by way of induction.

In fact, Meeraqi believes when one does something on one’s own, one has a story to tell. This is where creative writing comes from. It comes from experiences of falling down, solitary struggles and challenges one sets for oneself.

And this is where creative writing courses in Bangalore come from!

English Writing Courses In Bangalore Are In High Demand

  • Creative English Classes And Workshops

And a lot of people like me understand the worth of English writing courses, because English writing too, has a technique and skillset. And because of this realization, a lot of people are coming forward to learn it in order to apply it to their creativity and business.

Meeraqi offers education but in a non-institute and a non-regulated manner where the motive is not to outdo others or oneself but to purely learn and rejoice at it. Curiosity is something we like to nourish. However, we also believe in making it an environment of companionship and togetherness, so the moment you step into Meeraqi, you would feel a sense of calmness and creative energy exuding through all the walls.

How To Improve English Writing Skills?

  • English Writing Courses

But If I were only sitting in a class of ‘how to improve English writing skills’, I really do not see how my professor could explain to 20 (in some cases 50) students the same principles of writing. Well, grammar is something different. Those are the rules of the language.

So, what you can learn is grammatical polishing which includes the smallest details like commas, colons etc. to subject-verb agreement. English, has become the most common language across the world to be able to talk in because of the first world nations and as amusing and shocking it is, it is also the truth, so for a smoother transaction of words, one must try and brush up their English writing and speaking skills.

Meeraqi teaches you various kinds of English and can cater to you individual needs of learning if you put in a request for the same too. Just walk in for a single class for a trial or join a course that fits your needs!

Technical Writing Courses In Bangalore Are In Great Demand

  • Technical Writing Skills Can Fetch You Real Good Jobs!

These delve more into the strata of technical writing courses in Bangalore that are meant to train technical writers for fulfillment of their job roles.

Hence, take a technical writing course to learn the tricks of the game, hone your skill set and be able to stand on your two feet, give up all your other jobs and work at your own rules if you want to. You could be a freelancer too!

Technical Writing can give you time to do other things you want to do in life and you could work on your own terms and rules. You could even work from the comfort of your home after a few field visits and meetings for a long term business plan. It is very easy once you know your job and frees up time to do many other things if you want to!

Meeraqi understands this value of having time for yourself to get better at things you actually love to do and promotes the same idea. I personally feel our jobs and our lives are two different things and should remain so.

There Are Literally Unlimited Technical Writer Jobs In Bangalore

  • You Need A Good Certificate And A Better Quality For A Job!

  • Openings In Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle And Wipro

  • Entry Level For Freshers, Higher Levels For Freelance Writers, Part Time Working From Home And Senior Lead Manager With Good Salary In Aerospace And Aviation

However, all this applies only to creative writing courses in Bangalore, creative writing workshops and the structure of them. But there are many other forms of writing as well, which are indispensable to many professions that exist. Writing infiltrates each and every profession today. Now, these forms of technical writer jobs in Bangalore are more to do with brain than to do with heart and creativity.

Every business requires technical writing! With the immense growth of this city and its IT’s background, this city has unlimited options for a writer to venture into technical writing.

So, technical writing exists in all fields, and the more technical it gets depending on the field. For example, technical writing for a chemist’s derivations would be different from technical writing for a fashion designer. It is also to do with the amount of exposure we have to separate fields of work and technical writing in fact is a way of making yourself and more people aware of these fields.

And, I feel it is pretty easy to pick up technical writing once you get a hang of it. But, it would take some training and time and to do the same and hence, one could opt for technical writing training.

Content Writing Courses Teach Designing Content And Not Only Writing It

  • Content Writing Skills

Content writing courses as part of creative writing courses in Bangalore are required by new employees of a company who need to make a new website for promotion. So the company sends its employees to learn from the people who have studied the SEO business and the data of social media popularity.

Content writing is a form of technical writing that teaches one to segregate and categorize content with the correct jargon usage. This too is a skill that can be learned through practice and drafts. For some people, it comes naturally whereas for others it takes a couple of classes and reading to understand the technicalities of this sort of segregated writing.

Imagine making a brochure for a company and its functions, you would have to be able to understand the core values, its visions, its employees’ background and its operations down to the ground level and then be able to write about each one of them in the most concise and yet the most attractive way.

This takes skill and patience.

Patience too is a skill that needs honing!

Copywriting Courses Are Your Passport To Enter The Advertising World

  • Copywriting Skills

When a publisher needs his/her assistant to read a novel to correct its grammar, he might send him to one of the copywriting courses as part of creative writing courses in Bangalore to optimize his workflow.

I have always wanted to be a writer and thought that if I worked with publishers and editors as a copywriter, I might get my IN into the market. I was wrong. Copywriting leads you more to the advertising world which perhaps is a much better IN into the writing market because you would be able to meet investors and publishers at an equal level, rather than as a worker under them. The world works in a complicated way, and though I would like to disagree, there are certain rules of the game that one might want to follow.

Hence copywriting skills become important to learn in order to be a writer and many other things. Meeraqi however, does all this fighting for you, so that you may be able not to get your hands dirty by being a part of ‘the system’ as a cog in the wheel. We are trying to make our own system here. A system that belongs to art and to nobody else!

Creative Writing Workshops Are A Great Way To Improve One’s General Writing Skills

  • It’s All A Question Of One’s Command Over One’s Language And One’s Content Design Pattern In Mind!

Freewriting is a great skill for learning about creative writing because it allows you to enter the state of ‘flow’ or the stream of consciousness which helps you understand the way your mind works and what is the design pattern it follows and explore the wonders this can create!

Hence, in our creative writing courses in Bangalore at Meeraqi, we absolutely stand against teaching anyone how to write creatively. We instead believe in learning by doing through feeling, telling stories and sharing; for who knows your story might spark an inspiration in someone you have never known and isn’t that a more romantic way of creating?

We here believe in creating immersive, intimate experience that would inspire you to write, because…

… Nobody ever can teach you how to pen down creativity. Only you yourself can discover it for your own self! And it is this discovery that we enable you to make for your individual creative self in our creative writing courses in Bangalore at Meeraqi.

Creative writing should in fact be a dire need to capture what you just felt or what you once felt so that you never forget it; or else it could be a way to forget something awful you felt so that you can get over it for good.

So, feel, forgive and be free. There are no rules to follow. There are only new discoveries to be made at your personal creative levels!