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There is something about dance that liberates the soul. With or without music, the expression of movement through the body is one of the purest ways to self-discovery and freeing oneself. And each individual can uncover themselves through different forms of dance. Each individual’s way of moving and reacting to life is unique and different. And when one works to find one’s voice through the dance form that calls out to the individual, one can truly be exhilarated from the anchors of life.

The beauty of dance is that there are so many dance forms you can choose to find your identity within. For example, I do like pub music, but I love ballet and contemporary music. The music puts me in a sort of a dream state where I feel away from everything and everyone else.

And yes, dance can be learned alone as a medium of expression, but just like other art forms, dance too has evolved with variety and beauty. Dance too has techniques, processes, post dance routines; it is as technical and as tiring (maybe even more) as any other job.

A lot many times I wonder if art carries the extra burden of emotional vulnerability!

Look No Further For Authentic Dance Classes In Bangalore

  • Daily Early Morning, Evening And Regular Weekend Batches

  • Famous International Dancers As Professional Trainers For Adults

Bangalore is a hub of creativity, artists, thinkers, and of receptivity. Here, people are craving to learn and appreciate new things, new performers, and even beginners. With this massive demand for expression through dance, there are more than multiple options you can choose from. And these dance classes in Bangalore are true to the nature of the dance form and can be found in every area of Bangalore.

With our jobs, or school work, or household chores, we only have a few limited hours we can take out for our pleasure. To cater to these needs, all across Bangalore, dance classes are conducted in various time slots and on various options of weekends or weekdays in a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday format or a Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday one.

And what is more the authenticity of each dance form is being passed on by some trained professional! Bangalore is full of talented and well-trained dancers who know the tricks to a spin, or a lift, or the rasa theory of dance. So if you want to take dance classes in Bangalore, maybe you just need to look at all the options and see what suits your personality the best!

All Dance Schools Are Not Equal

  • Some Are Just Good For 3 Year Old Kids, Others For Adults And Serious Learners

The reason I mention personality is because each personality enjoys a different form of dance or a few selected ones from many and so in order to get the liberation one wants, one might have to try and think from all the options that are there to choose the right fit. Therefore, for each individual a specific dance genre will mean more than another. Hence finding the right kind of dance classes in Bangalore is like finding a right pair of shoes that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

But each dance form has its physical demands too. For example, ballet should be learned at an earlier age in life during the formation of bones and sculpting of the body. People, who have back issues, may not be able to do something like contemporary or any duet dance form that requires lifts and bends.

So one must know their physical limitations as dance injuries can happen anytime if one overworks the untrained muscles suddenly. Here at Meeraqi, we believe in giving and taking massages after a three hour dance class to release the tension and knots in the body.

Dance Studios In Bangalore Are Classified By Floor Area And Floor Quality

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Also, dance requires a voluminous space and a conducive environment to feel and express freely. The kinds of floorings also help the dancers. For example, badminton and squash are played on wooden flooring for a reason. Similarly, there is a lot of technicality involved in understanding what sort of surface would help the dancers to spin, lock, pop, to do contemporary etc.

It is nice to know that most dance workshop places in their dance classes in Bangalore have taken these ideas into consideration because it shows the love and care they have towards their student dancers. And feelings form a huge part of dance.

A big space with soft cushioning is ideal for someone who wants to be able to fly, crawl, flip, turn or even feel empty in a big space. So, one should do the research one needs and keep going for dance classes in Bangalore with your friends, partners or even alone! Alone is my favorite. There is something beautiful about dancing with strangers who soon become familiar and yet strange faces.

Best Dance Classes In Bangalore Are Those That The Best Dance Teachers Address

  • Good Music And Good Dance Go Hand In Hand

  • Applies To All Aerobic And Acrobatic Dance Forms Including Pole, Rope (Aerial) And Break As Well As The Cool Ballroom Along With The Rest

Now, music is the key in dancing. Music evokes hidden feelings within and helps one pull them out and express them. It is the way of pulling out all that is suppressed and needs to be heard. So if dance classes in Bangalore do not play good music, it becomes very difficult for one to truly dance out what is hidden within. Hence, the best dance teachers always have a great taste for music of at least their style of dance.

Music is played in all dance classes in Bangalore; kathak, kuchipudi, salsa, pole dancing, waltz, contact improvisation sessions etc. So music and dance are inseparable even if one is dancing to no music as there is always a tune in the mind that is playing from some old song in the memory.

Certain songs just kind of jolt one out of whatever they are doing and give them the sudden urge to dance and dance until they are tired enough to sleep.

When the freedom of voice is lost, the body still remains to tell stories that are unspeakable of.

Contemporary Dance Classes In Bangalore Command A Great Respect In The City

  • Indian Contemporary Vs Western Contemporary

  • Remo And Terence Lewis As Authorities To Follow

Contemporary is a dance form that has grown, evolved and gained immense popularity in India in the last decade. It is a great way of experiencing your own body. One of its key health benefits is the amount the body stretches in this dance form. One slowly feels muscles develop one had never imagined they would. It almost feels like one has suddenly discovered wings and can fly simply like a bird.

Contemporary too has various dance forms and it depends on you which form you want to fly in. These forms have been brought to life in India through various live performances and through some amazing teachers who pushed for these forms to gain light.

There are still so many permutations and combinations that can be applied across countries and cultures to give birth to newer dance forms. Anything is possible if the right collaborations are done. Collaborative learning and dancing is the driving force behind artistic innovation of expression.

Classical Dance Classes In Bangalore Preserve The Old Traditional Culture

  • Indian Classical Dances Comprise Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, Manipuri And Odissi

Traditional Indian Dance is a delightful treat of elegance and emotion to me. They preserve the old cultures of dancing in a beautiful way. There are plenty of Indian classical dances in our country as each state has its own specific dance form owing to diversity of cultures and religions here. Each state carries its own story, its own history and its own beliefs which are represented in each individual dance form.

Each one has its own way of addressing beat, rhythm, foot and hand work which is very different from one another. Classical is one of the most laborious forms of dancing that requires a lot of strength and conviction on part of the students.

Dancers also have to regulate their timings, their diet, and their physical exercises more than non-dancers in order to be able to carry out the strenuous dance routines.

Bharatanatyam Dance Classes In Bangalore Dominate The Indian Classical Scene

  • Best Bharatanatyam Performers Hold The Key!

For me, the eyes can tell the story of a lifetime.

In Bharatnatyam, the most expressive part is the eyes of the dancers that are highlighted with black kohl. They express all the 9 rasas in the rasa theory through the expression of bodywork and feeling. This form of dance reminds me of the grace of the dancer and the power of the stage that transforms an individual. Standing on a stage can be scary, but also makes one feel alive with responsibility and adrenaline rushes through the veins and cheeks.

True dancing arises when one forgets the existence of the world or friends or the audience around them. When they achieve this stage of suspension in the land of thoughts, they get the key to unlock the door within, step in, and celebrate everything that is hidden away in small boxes set aside because of the world. 

A dance form like Bharatanatyam is all about precision, expression and the easy flow of it. This ease comes out of a lot of practice and sweat.

Kathak Dance Classes In Bangalore Represent The Medieval Classical Dance Scene

  • Kathak Kendra Hosts Best Kathak Talents

Kathak too, is an expression of feelings that arise not just from inside, but from the rasa theory wherein, each section of a dance routine represents a mythological being or a feeling like anger, greed, love, lust etc.

Kathak is generally done while wearing ghungroos in both feet and with every step on the ground, they jingle in a melodious and strong voice of assertion and strength. All these dances, look graceful and controlled, but also seem powerful; full of vigor and conviction to say something to the viewer. Something they have to guess by being open to absorb. 

Absorbing is different from appreciating. I feel any dance form is incomplete without an audience’s participation. It is a two way street. In fact every dance form that exists is a shout to express feelings to someone else. But, if this ‘someone else’ does not feel, the dancer’s attempt goes half empty.

So I would say that as viewers whenever you watch a dance performance, try and understand what it is that the dancer is trying to say to you. What is the root feeling that is hidden behind the graceful moves?

Ballet Classes Have A High Respect As The Purest Western Classical Classes

  • Ballet Performers Undergo A Stringent Training Regime

Ballet is the most direct way of studying the nature. Surprised? Ballet takes its inspiration from birds that elegantly swoop through the air, stretching, flapping, and flowing. When one sees ballet, the dancer seems like a flowing river which is delicate and beautiful.  However, the practice of ballet is just the opposite of its appearance.

Ballet takes rigorous training and practice. Precision and repetition in ballet are the building blocks of this dance form. Ballet is 90 percent exercise and 10 percent dancing. These exercises are done repeatedly, on and on, again and again to get the correct precision of each muscle. And once one knows the precision, one also needs to continue doing those exercises to make the muscles stronger in order to carry out the complex and seamless ballet moves. And once, one knows the exercise, the routines and the kinds of postures, one can make their own ballet routines.

Thus, unlike contemporary ballet needs extensive directed training because ballet has been developed after scientific and biological research of the body.

Hip Hop Dance Classes In Bangalore Have An Exclusive Following Of Their Own

  • Best Hip Hop Comes From Its Niche Followers

Hip-hop is something that began from upbeat music and still continues to venture into popping-locking etc. Hip-hop is a way of expressing one’s feelings outright in the plainest way possible rather than keeping the viewer unlocking the wrong hidden boxes of truth. There is something nice about the directness of it.

The music used in Hip-hop includes electronic music, special sound effects, and well pretty less of instruments like the violin unless its fusion dancing etc. This sot of dance is very popular among the teenagers who have grown up watching dance films or music videos. So, it has it’s own sort of followers and believers. This is much more about just letting go and having a good time while seeing what all stunts the body is capable of pulling off.

One should also find out about the history of hip-hop because each dance form has its own way of expression and this need for expression comes as a reaction to something happening around the world near you.

Freestyle Dance Classes In Bangalore Are Picking Up Fast As A New Dance Genre

  • Free Body Movements Mark Freedom Of Spirit

However, if one does not want to learn any rules or techniques of dancing with permission and just wants to be able to express freely, freestyle dancing is for you. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. You do not have to point your toes if you do not want to, or you do not have to do any lifts if you don’t want to.

Basically, it is a dance for the freedom lovers. It becomes the only form of expression for people who just want to let go, relax and have a good time.

In today’s strange times, I feel it is very important to be able to relax, to just shrug all the tensions away and hop around like a kangaroo if you want to. We have become so highly conditioned to the ‘ways of seeing’ that we have forgotten what it is like to keep your eyes and heart for yourself. Feel it. Freestyle it!

Latin Dance Classes In Bangalore Serve The Social Dance Genre

  • Salsa, Jive, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Rumba, Bachata, Bomba, Plena, And Latin American Tango Make Their Bulk

But, what if you had to step away from yourself and look at being able to dance with others?

I personally find it magical when two bodies know how to move with each other. There is something philosophically beautiful about seeing two bodies and two souls understand each other through touch and the heartbeat. So when, two people dance together, I feel they become one. And imagine this happening in social gatherings of a hundred people, all getting a chance to dance with each other. They all come across as one.

All those people then belong to one single whole, the entire humanity. That is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves.

Belly Dance Classes In Bangalore Are Going Popular Among Women

  • Belly Dance Has Its Roots In Arabic Dance Tradition

Belly dance is an enchanting dance form that is inspired from the snake and again connects back to the nature. It requires total control in every little muscle of the body to be able to move each of them individually in a strong and poetic way.

Belly dancing works separately on the head, torso, hands, hips and legs. And there are certain techniques and rules that one can choose to follow here too, to get a grasp of this dance form faster. It is once again a very tiring dance form but is great for toning the muscles and strengthening the body’s framework.

Dance is also a great way of correcting body posture and back issues. If done correctly, you could go to dance lessons instead of your physiotherapist to fix the problems of the skeleton and bone. Hence, dance is a way towards healthy living and a hearty lifestyle of control and wellbeing.

Bollywood Dance Classes In Bangalore Enjoy  Popular Appeal Among Masses

  • Ganesh Hegde And Shiamak Davar Are The Authorities To Follow

Culture of India is mirrored in the Bollywood industry and its effect is inevitable. People of all ages, groups and generations love Bollywood dancing because of its high spirited energy workout.

My personal biased remark is only against “Item” numbers with lyrics that I feel are not suitable for a productive mind, which has the capacity to grow and envision. As I had mentioned, music and dance go hand in hand, and if one practices Bollywood dancing on “Item” numbers, the lyrics generate counterproductive thoughts to a developing mind, especially in the case of children.

However, other than the bunch of entertaining music, Bollywood has produced some evocative music which could fit really well for instilling ideas of philosophy, love and patience in a romanticized way. Many teachers still use Old Hindi Pop music to dance on with a lot more fun and effect. With the troupe of Shiamak Davar’s dancing troupes, ‘Jazz hands’ became a popular routine especially in School performances etc.

Jazz Dance Classes In Bangalore Originated From Dances Of American Africans

  • Tap Dance Is A Close Associate!

  • Ashley Lobo As An Authority To Follow

Jazz for me is full of energy, confidence and fun. It again arose in a certain population as the way of expression and fun in difficult political times. There is something really exciting about Jazz Dance classes as the routines can be done alone or even with partners while you thump your feet on the ground.

The moves of Jazz are sharp, vigorous and full of smiles and laughs. Tap dancing too was inspired from Jazz dancing. Every time I think of Tap dancing I think of two films; Singing in the rain and Titanic. When I see Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain ecstatically, it fills my heart with pleasure! And when I see the brawly bar Jack and Rose enter, to explore the real fun of the world outside the elitist parties, it makes me feel alive and free-spirited!

Folk Dance Classes In Bangalore Explore Deep Cultural Roots Of Movement

  • Garba, Dandiya, Lavani And Rajasthani Are A Few Popular Ones Among Them

When the British colonized India, they conspired to suppress our culture, heritage and traditions which they were partially successful in doing. But I feel extremely proud when I hear folk music or watch folk dances as originally that is what India was supposed to be. India was a multilingual country that took pride in its richness of culture.

Now, these folk dances are the truest part of our histories left and remind me of the India that I will never be able to see. And, dances like Garba, are a dance of community wherein, 1000 people can come and dance together with one another on one beat following one single dance routine. I feel the unity of the country that comes alive there is massive. To be honest, I have felt patriotism while dancing with strangers in a Garba circle because I get enamored by the energy that is created by this community going wild while sweating.

It makes me believe, that one day, when we need to, we will stand together. At least, it gives me that hope.

 Zumba Classes Are Taken More As An Exercise Fitness Program Than A Dance

  • Zumba Trademark Owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC

Zumba is one of the most common and the most demanded dance forms today due to its strict fast losing weight regimes selling point. People, especially women take Zumba classes in order to lose weight quickly.

I have nothing against Zumba, but I believe that loss and gain of weight should always happen gradually through a slow process rather than sudden to prevent health issues and problems later. However, Zumba is also like aerobics which is a great way of working out on an everyday basis, for the purpose of getting or keeping fit.

And once, you know the exercises, you can do them all by yourself in the comfort of your home too. In fact, there are many Zumba tutorials on YouTube that you can learn from!

For me dance is about all of this:

Expression, Exploration and Excitement! These are my three E’s of dancing. So, come to Meeraqi and feel the pleasure of dance and the fulfillment it gives.