Dream Baby Dream: A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance in Bangalore Indiranagar

Dream Baby Dream: A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance in Bangalore Indiranagar

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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2018)

Dream Baby Dream: A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance in Bangalore Indiranagar

Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance In Bangalore Indiranagar: Dream Baby Dream

Meeraqi is going to stage an event Dream Baby Dream, a contemporary dance theatre performance in Bangalore Indiranagar at its premises in May 2018.

What is it about?

Dream Baby Dream is a contemporary dance theatre performance. It’s a window into visual intelligence – an exploration into the limitless world of imaginations.

It’s about Imaginations that are abstract and nonlinear yet emotive to the point of making one cry or jump into a laughter riot. Almost like there is no real line between the doer and the observer, because the doer can’t do without observing and observation is connecting the brain to its imaginative self.

What will you see?

Dream Baby Dream is a compilation of anecdotes, stories, useless information, stark visuals, blurred realities, oddities, serious science of quantum theory, liberal views into refusal of oppression, jokes, food, flowers, suicidal thoughts, games and physical movements.

So you mean to say it isn’t real?

Dream Baby Dream is an alternate view of the persisting reality. The surreal bond between the verbal and the visual world! So we play with spaces, times, repetition, colors and objects. Mostly like the green sun and a bath tub in the TV room while the TV sits inside the refrigerator and the refrigerator itself is invisible. As we play with these objects and their alternate realities, we juxtapose emotions with it – misplaced and skewed, – questioning existence itself while fighting inter-galactic forces.

So what’s the outtake (What a word!)?

Dream Baby Dream it not set out to teach a lesson and end with a moral. Dream Baby Dream is not archived and will never repeat itself the same way too.

It’s not preachy and we do not have the answers to anything. But it is a collection of combined wisdom, the wisdom that belongs to us – our specie. It’s a commentary on our delights and plights. A focus on our fears and ecstasies!

Can you explain it a bit better?

Look at it as a jig saw puzzle, a puzzle that you are a part of, and so are the dancers/ actors. A puzzle that has to be put together except as soon as you put it together, it will disappear and vanish, like it was never meant to be arranged.

So better not to try making any sense out of it and to enjoy the process of bringing the blocks closer to one another though maintaining a certain distance anyway in order to let them maintain their individuality.

Is it a comedy?

Life is a cosmic joke after all and nothing should be or can be taken too seriously.

To hang and drop and drown and hop before you analyze “Dream Baby Dream”.

So what will you talk about?

We will be dealing with palettes, paradoxes, dreams, intersections, paradigms, anti-matter, love, secrets and insects.

So if you relish the odd and the unexpected, and love the bridge between words and ideas, Dream Baby Dream will intrigue you to know more.

If we can make you slightly more curious, we will be encouraged to be more curious for the future.


  • Sahiba Singh – original concept and choreography
  • Irene Fiordilino – co- choreography
  • Lexman Kumar – senior company member, Meeraqi
  • Tanushree Singh – senior company member, Meeraqi
  • Yashu M. – senior company member, Meeraqi
  • Puneet Gupta – senior company member, Meeraqi
  • Aambareesh Durairaju – senior company member, Meeraqi
  • Anurati Gupta – junior company member, Meeraqi
  • Madhu Das – junior company member, Meeraqi
  • Megha Roy – dance intern, Meeraqi

External Collaborators:

  • Raam Kumar
  • Sankalp Sharma

About The Choreographer

Sahiba Singh - Choreographer - Dream-Baby-Dream: A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance in Bangalore Indiranagar

Sahiba Singh, creative director of Meeraqi arts organisation has brought 10 contemporary dancers together for this unique piece called Dream Baby Dream. Sahiba’s focus area lies in contemporary dance and strong visual narrative by using physical theatre explorations.

Sahiba has been performing, training, choreographing and collaborating over the last 12 years, and Meeraqi, her latest artistic venture aims at bringing different performing arts as well as other artistic mediums come together to express themselves liberally and fearlessly. She believes that the end goal of any art form is expression. Dream Baby Dream, contemporary dance theatre performance in Bangalore Indiranagar is an expression of the self, the society at large and our interpersonal relations that shape up our world.

Copyright Notice:

Dream Baby Dream – A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance in Bangalore Indiranagar is produced by Meeraqi that holds the copyright of the production.

Performance Date & Timings:

4th May 2018; 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Performance Tickets:

INR 200

You can book your seat by paying online HERE.

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  1. Hi, I wanted to learn any specific dance form. I am 23 yrs old and working. What dance classes are available and their timings please? Also the fees please.

    1. Post

      Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for writing!

      Could you visit Meeraqi and meet us in person? Or else you could share your phone number and we could talk over it!

      Anyway, the best bet for you to explore your interest and aptitude is to join contemporary beginner batch scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm or else on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

      Fees are Rs. 3,000 per month.

      See you!

      Team Meeraqi

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