Best Design Institute For Creative Design Courses In Bangalore

Design Institute For Design Courses In Bangalore

A Design Institute With A Concentric Display Of Eccentric Aesthetic

  • Adjudged Among Top 10 Best Design Institutes In Bangalore

It is true that our country has a dearth of design institutes and design courses but I found the dream design institute of which I wanted to attend the design courses in Bangalore. The way their design classes were arranged was something I had no previous exposure to. The pride of being unique and different was celebrated here, not cast aside or singled out in a strange way.

This is my journey of choosing film making as my profession ultimately.

At first, I wanted to be something in science. My mother told me she could not see me study so much in life because that was all I would do all day. I had taken it up because of my love for biology, but I did not have Biology in my PCM course and so it was quite a grind. I dropped out, took Commerce with Math and loved it. Soon, at the end of class 12, I wanted to be an architect and started seeking admissions as soon as I was done with my boards.

But as I was about to fill my admission form, I asked my father about the life of architects since he had some experience in dealing with them. I heard words like “land, rules, meters etc.” and freaked out. I did not want rules or anyone stopping me from building a slanted weird building if I wanted to. I did not want to obey the rules laid down by the Government, and so that too, went out the window. Then, I ended up looking at design colleges and ultimately decided to apply to only two institutes in India – MIT Pune and Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. But as soon as I took the test from Srishti, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

The gut is the strongest sense of all and guides us the best in life.

Design Courses In Bangalore Were Never So Creative

  • Regular Weekday And Weekend Batches

  • Expert Indian And International Designers As Professional Trainers For Beginners As Well As For Experts

However, since there were very few parents who knew about design, the first question I got asked when I took admission was – “Are you doing fashion designing in Bangalore?

In the beginning, I felt proud to say “No” and explain. But slowly I realized there was something more to do with awareness here. People are not aware of the kinds of design that exist and which all designing courses in Bangalore are available to pursue.

Bangalore has now become the hub of the country where in everything extraordinary happens. Design courses in Bangalore too have grown and evolved over the past many years a lot.

A place like Meeraqi offers extremely creative and non-conventional design courses in Bangalore on a daily basis and also, provides the facility of weekend batches. Places like this, have trainers from all over the world for design professionals and even for beginners. Hence it covers, a huge bandwidth and caters to any sort of creative mind with the best of resources.

Design Schools In Bangalore Wear The Cool Flavor Of This Cool City

  • Be It Automobile, Car, Architecture, Aerospace, Aircraft, Interior, Electrical, Graphic, CAD, Digital, PCB, Fashion, Furniture, Footwear, Game, Web, Hardware, Machine, Tool, Jewelry, Stage Lighting, Landscape, Layout, Logo, Product, Structural, UI (User Interface) Or Visual Design!

There are some eminent fashion design colleges with great courses in our country, but there are also a lot more forms of design that exist and were never an option in the minds of many students or parents. However in the last four years I have seen a significant change in the shift from doctor-lawyer-professions to many a varied field. We still have a lot of catching up to do in every field in Bangalore and in India but we are progressing, at least in the number and the quality of the private colleges that is a whole different debate in itself.

Design schools here delve in anything and everything. Design exists everywhere around us and our lives cannot be separated from it.

It comprises technical design such as:

  • Automobile, Car, Architecture, Aerospace, Aircraft, Electrical
  • Visual design such as Graphic, CAD, Digital, PCB, Layout and Logo Design
  • Ergonomics design such as Furniture, Footwear, Structural, Product, UI (User Interface)
  • Computer design such as Game, Web and App
  • Space design such as Stage Lighting, Landscape and Interior Design
  • Fashion design such as Jewelry, hair, makeup
  • Other fields like Hardware design, Machine design and the most basic but important tool design

Want To Join Design Classes In Bangalore Late In Life?

  • You Can Easily Join Part Time Classes Of Short Term Courses In This City!

  • You Can Also Do Your Bachelor Of Design Diploma Or Degree By Joining Top 5 Online Courses In Civil, Electronics Or Mechanical Engineering Design Including Electronic Circuit, FPGA, VLSI, HVAC, MEP, RF Or Else In Mechanical Product Design and Get A Job Placement!

Coming back to the topic of design, I will be talking about design classes for a very few broad categories of design based on what I have seen my friends doing in my college life. But remember, they are just a few huge outer umbrella-categories, which can hold lot many sub-categories under them.

You can easily join part time classes or short term design courses in Bangalore if you are short of time and are employed somewhere else or are studying something else.

However, there is also the chance to do your bachelor of design diploma or degree by joining online courses in civil, electronics or mechanical engineering design which includes electronic circuit, FPGA, VLSI, HVAC, MEP, or RF.

And if, mechanical engineering design is not your thing, you can opt for mechanical product design!

What’s more that these educational facilities can also certify you and get you a job placement very easily, if that is what you are looking for. In today’s times, earning money is vital and many people have to surrender to selling their art to do so.

But a place like Meeraqi understands this and now has chosen to be the answer to this problem by putting its foot down on the sorry state of art in India.

Interior Designing Colleges Are High In Demand

  • Home Interior Design Has Become A Big Deal Now

Interior design courses in Bangalore in interior design colleges here teach a student not only about how to set up a room but also how to use complex software to understand the dimensions of the room, to make the architectural plan of the room for the ease of the architect. It requires one to know about the color wheel and what color looks good with what and which color palette belongs to which era of history as a definition.

Interior Designing Colleges have become extremely popular as the old tradition of engineer-lawyer-doctor is slowly fading. I think this may have started from housewives and the homes where families were looking to design the interiors of their house in a pleasing way.

Today in India, there are themed hotels, restaurants, cafes and even homes taking in inspiration form different cultures and traditions. These inspirations come not only from these design colleges but also from Google, Pinterest and YouYube surfing.

Fashion Designing Colleges Have A Prolific Growth In The City

  • Jewellery And Shoe Designing Have Come Up In A Big Way Recently!

A fashion designer for example, needs to know not only about what is trending in the market, but also what fabric and cut suits which body type. However, a good fashion designing college does not only include the study of trends and how to tailor fabrics, but its fashion designing courses also comprise of where and which pattern it originated from and which art movement influenced it.

This fashion designer must also know about different sorts of fabrics, where they come from, who rears them, what is the condition of the farmer like etc.

A fashion designer bears on his shoulders the responsibility to influence a large number of people in any way he/she pleases! This designer is almost like a rock star or a public figure, hidden behind his/her brand name or tag!

Interior Design Courses In Bangalore Always Find Enough Takers

  • Online Interior Designs Are Easily Transferable!

Hence, interior design courses in Bangalore are a big craze now and everyone wants to take them because everyone loves to live in a well designed house and will one day end up making one for him/herself. This could be the biggest dream of an interior designer because all of us imagine the ideal house according to our whims and fancies.

Online design courses are found online on websites like where these courses are even easily transferable. Infact, they can even make a great gift for a curious niece or nephew from a loving uncle or from a father to a child, or even better, from a child to a mother who always wanted to learn design but never had the time to!

Meeraqi also makes this possible in a very personalized and intimate space where one can paint walls, understand color scheme and experiment with the color wheel and different cultures and designs. Meeraqi’s huge space gives learners the opportunity to experiment and learn!

Fashion Designing Courses In Bangalore Have A Mass Appeal In Their Offerings

  • Fashion Just Touches The Right Chords When It Comes To Delivering To The Fashion Conscious X Generation!

It is important to understand that anything ‘designer’ comes not only from aesthetic choice but also arises out of certain political and cultural influences of a particular era. For example, kitsch art arose to comment on the mass production of commodity, and Andy Warhol used it to blend it with pop art which now brands like Chumbak are using extensively on fashion wear and more.

There have been many debates on if kitsch art is actual art, but that is an entirely different topic altogether. What I mean to say is that every art field of design, in fact, arises out of feelings. And these feelings came out of a certain period in our history and as a designer it is important to be aware of the same.

These design courses in Bangalore give an introduction to combining art, history and politics together in a theoretical way that explores and helps understand where these trends and fashions that we witness arose from!

Web Designing Courses In Bangalore Are Bound To Be At The Top

  • Simply Because Bangalore Is The IT Capital Of India!

Web designing courses could range from website design, application design or layout as well. For this, one must know what sorts of topics are trending in the market, what the typical layout to avoid is and what the minimalist typefaces to use are. In this, one may also delve in the art history of minimalism and contemporary art because design and movements go hand in hand. But most importantly, one has to understand the legal aspects of copyright and the economic consequences of infringing of the same. Thus, one must take care of law and funds too.

Bangalore is the IT hub of the country wherein people from all over the world come to research and explore. Most of the VFX in the film industry across the world happens here in Bangalore! Bangalore has a vast expanse of IT in its history and has been developing its name in it since decades now.

Graphic Design Courses In Bangalore Are At Par With Mumbai

  • Mumbai Needs Them For Entertainment Industry Whereas Bangalore Needs Them For IT.

Everything in the market or inside a house is full of branding, layouts, and design. It starts from the morning newspaper with a hot cup of tea and continues with business adverts, visiting cards, album art, film posters, packaging, and can end at the book you fall asleep over at night. Graphic design perhaps is one of the most important ways of forming any identity in today’s world. For example, Coca Cola red and white logo has been the same and was designed decades ago, keeping in mind the color, shape and font. Graphic design courses in Bangalore are a must recommend for anyone who likes to understand even about the perception of the human mind. For example, if you observe, red is a color used in most food brands because it increases appetite and is striking. Hence graphic design courses in Bangalore are one of the most important design courses to study.

However, each city has its own need for graphic design. For example, Bollywood in Mumbai keeps releasing posters, pamphlets and songs every day but Bangalore needs it for technological need with the umpteen numbers of brochures and plans it prints in a day!

Graphic design courses in Bangalore are at par with those in Mumbai and their needs are slated comparatively equal too; not only in these two cities, but all over the world!

Savy Interior Designers Are An Asset To Have In This Garden City Of India

  • Their Instructional Videos Do Away With The Need To Depend On Physical Transportation

Especially in a place like Bangalore that is full of flora, having nice interior designers is very important to understand and maintain the earthy feel this city has. Because many of these interior designers also put out these videos online, it saves students the labor of physical transportation. Somehow, this also links to space design and the great transport system we have because of good city planning which also comes under the job description of say, a space designer.

Meeraqi too believes in optimum design of space according to weather, climate and distance. Meeraqi’s prime location bears in mind the travel time taken by students and hence eases their commute because of Indiranagar’s great road connections.

UX Design Courses In Bangalore Are An Inevitable Need Of The City

  • UX Design Is The Modern Avatar Of The Old Concept Of Decoration

Having its base in web design, UX design courses are an even more technical aspect of it. Coding has caught the design world by storm. It started much before anyone can imagine. Earlier, it was only a coded way of sending messages in times of Stone Age and even during wars. Now everything online (which comprises most of our world) is made of coding. Websites, applications, games, everything! This is why everyone must know the basics of User Interface design also studied in courses such as UI/UX Design.

With Bangalore’s IT industry background, the need for UI/UX design courses is extreme and absolutely needed. There is a certain demand for this industry here and to supply this demand, it is important to get individuals who are well trained in this field of work!

Now, anything you want can happen at the click of a button on your smartphone. There are various apps that can provide you with service you need, anything you want to buy, from decoration of any festival to a customized 30 inch flat screen TV! Now, anything is possible!

So, apart from all the data I have given in this piece, what I really want to say is that design makes our lives easier and properly informed. It tries to make us relate:

  • to the history of the world,
  • understand psychology and human behavior,
  • study the anatomy of the body and even ergonomics,
  • obey law by not stealing someone else’s effort,
  • examine the trends of the world to decipher what the human race is looking for at the moment, while it taps its fingers on a keypad which has been designed to open the doors of the mind to a universe full of knowledge and wonder.

Everything you see around yourself is the result of drafts and experiments to come up with the perfect designs which best suit all.

Product Design Courses In Bangalore Apply To All Genres Of Design

  • Products Can Be Physical Or Else Digital

Everything you see around you is a product that has been designed after numerous plans, drafts and drawings not only by hand, but even digitally. Each product we use has the responsibility of facilitating our daily life and fitting around the ideal shape and posture of our body. Imagine if a bed was standing upright, would it be comfortable for you to stand and sleep?! NO!

These products can also be ideations of a future product using future technology which requires sound technical knowledge and a mind that can envision.

Meeraqi helps students dream this vision by exploring product design through non-conventional study methods and embracing the heart, body, mind and soul. Meeraqi most of all teaches one to unlearn and dream of unrealistic visions which could come true via digital software.

Electrical Design Courses In Bangalore Turn This Bright City Yet Brighter

  • Available At Electrical Design Training Institute

  • Chip Technology Design Of Utmost Importance!

Electricity is all around us and cannot be lived without. Then, is it not important to understand and evolve this form of design. Imagine a life with no electricity, no water systems, no batteries or cellphones or light! Hence, one must study electrical design!

There are courses available at various universities and despite our belief, it is much more than wires, circuits and current. Go to an electrical design training institute to realize how much design, literature, math, chemicals and literature even is involved in training for electrical design!

But what have been revolutionary are the tiny chips that contain information in the minutest details. These chips can contain the whole information for a military war, a whole list of terrorists or even a thousand personal photos. This technological design has caught the whole world in its web and is the most important and vital invention!

Design Courses For Mechanical Engineers Serve Many Industrial Needs

  • Available At Central Institute Of Tool Design

  • Piping Design Course Serves An Important Need Of The City

Now, design and science are absolutely interlinked. Science makes life easier for everyone. Design is the best possible application of this science to produce the best outcomes of science in the most resourceful way possible. I remember a friend of mine in college was extremely interested in drawing the parts of automobiles and was a furniture designer. Hence, he knew about each little joint, nut and bolt of a car as well as the material used to create and the ergonomics applied for the same. Hence, this is a minute example of how design and engineering along with design courses for mechanical engineers come together in an art institute or in the world.

As mentioned above, a mechanical engineer needs to understand every possible nut, bolt and screw to find the best possible option of joining two things together. Everything we use is made up of small tiny parts that are screwing in together in a neat invisible way. But to do this, these mechanical engineers need proper tools.

These tools are not only available at various institutes but are also being scrutinized and studied here. Newer ways of easing the mechanics jobs are also being evolved and this is why a mechanical engineer must understand this confluence of design, art and technical knowledge.

You would be surprised to know that Bangalore was originally an underground city when Kempegowda founded it. We then started building the drainage systems extremely haphazardly which is why the drainage system is pretty bad here. And so, piping and understanding drainage systems is a desperate need of this city.