Digital Photography Basics Workshop in Bangalore by Sudeep Bhattacharya

Digital Photography Basics Workshop in Bangalore by Sudeep Bhattacharya

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Digital Photography Basics Workshop in Bangalore by Sudeep Bhattacharya

Digital Photography Basics Workshop in Bangalore by Sudeep Bhattacharya

Photography is one of the most powerful visual mediums available to artists to express themselves. The application of photography as an art form is extremely varied, which is seen in a myriad of domains – journalism, advertising, fine art, wildlife, documentary , portraiture to name but a few. With the advent of technology, digital photography has grown in leaps and bounds, making it accessible to billions of people across the world. Almost every person at any corner of the planet today has a camera phone or a point and shoot, both of which represent an image capture device that far surpasses what our earlier generations used as photographic tools. We have seen growth in image resolution and quality as well as ease of use of these cameras. However, the medium of photography is to express an emotion or to tell a story. In this regard, the camera is just a tool or an aid to help the photographer share his/her vision with the world.

In Digital Photography Basics Workshop, we will look at the basics of what makes a good photograph, how to better understand your camera as a tool, learn about how to accurately expose an image, introduce concepts of composition and lighting, get a grip on post processing and workflow, discuss good photographic ethic and practices, as well as go hands on in applying the knowledge that we would share during the workshop.

About the Mentor

Sudeep Bhattacharya

Sudeep Bhattacharya is a filmmaker & photographer, with over 15 years of experience in the audiovisual arts. After finishing his MA in Film and Media Production from Griffith University, Queensland College of Art, he wrote and directed 3 award winning short films, also bagging the Pacific Film and Television Best New Filmmaker award in 2005.

After moving back to India, Sudeep worked as a director with various production houses, directing and shooting commercials, documentaries and short films, as well as fashion and lifestyle photography. He then moved his focus to online photo content and publishing, setting up and leading the international photo editing and publishing teams at America Online, where he strategized media content across global markets, and spearheaded various photography oriented initiatives including

Over the last 6 years, Sudeep has put together an impressive portfolio as a freelance photographer and film maker being based in Bangalore, and working internationally. His work spans genres including wedding photography, fashion & lifestyle, advertising campaigns and corporate films. His portfolio has earned him recognition as one of the most sought after wedding photographers in India, with features in publications including Vogue Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Asian Photography, The Great Indian Wedding Book, and several wedding blogs including Vagabomb, Shaadisaga and Canvera.

Sudeep’s list of clients includes Facebook, Myntra, Fastrack, Bajaj, Housejoy, Flipkart, Wrangler, Wipro, Practo, Homelane, SAMHI Group, Curefit among others. He is also the founder and director of Meeraqi, an artist collective and arts organization that aims to foster collaboration across artistic disciplines and provide mentorship and support to emerging artists and art enthusiasts across India.

Some of Sudeep’s work portfolio can be explored on his website Here are some representational pieces from this site:

Who is Digital Photography Basics Workshop for?

Digital Photography Basics Workshop is aimed at beginners and amateurs, who are just getting started on their photographic journey. The content of the workshop would give them a boost, both in terms of skill and understanding of the medium, and also help them understand the rewards and challenges of becoming a professional photographer, should they choose to pursue their passion.

The workshop is open to people from ages 15 and up.

What do you need to bring? 

Since this is a hands on workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their cameras for the workshop. This could be a DLSR / Mirrorless / Point and Shoot of any camera brand. In case you don’t own a camera, we can organize one for you to use over the workshop on a rental basis.

While bringing your laptop isn’t absolutely necessary, participants are encouraged to bring them along if possible, to share images that they may have taken so far. Alternately, one could also being these along on a hard drive / pen drive for review.

Digital Photography Basics Workshop Curriculum:

Photography Basics

  • Introduction to Digital Photography ( Film vs Digital – Merits and Demerits )
  • Camera Formats (How they differ and which one you should choose)
  • Image Resolution / Megapixels ( Why and how resolution matters, and how it impacts your workflow)
  • Choosing a Camera (Essential Features of DSLR vs Mirrorless Systems)
  • Understanding Your Camera (What do all the dials & buttons do, and when do you need them?)
  • Focal Length and Magnification – X factor (Why magnification factors matter)
  • Different Types of Lenses (Zooms vs Primes)
  • Tele Converters (What are they and why are they useful?)


  • What is the Exposure Triangle?
  • Exposure (What is Exposure and why is it important?)
  • Aperture (What is Aperture, and how does it affect the image?)
  • Shutter Speed (What is Shutter Speed, How is it defined and how can it be used creatively?)
  • ISO (ISO vs ASA, understanding sensitivity to light in digital sensors and photography)
  • Exposure Modes (What are the different modes, and when do you use which one?)
  • Metering (Understanding how the camera sees light, the different metering modes and when do you use each mode)
  • Exposure Compensation (Why is this useful, and when should one use it?)
  • Bracketing (What does Bracketing mean, and when does one use it?)
  • AE/AF Lock (When to use Exposure vs Focus Lock?)
  • Manual Exposure (Applying the above to manual exposure)


  • Widely used Focus Systems and Focal Points (Understanding Phase Detect vs Contract Based AF)
  • Types of Focusing (How to apply these in different photographic conditions)
  • AF Points (Understanding distribution of points and how to optimize them)
  • Auto Focus vs Manual Focus (Pros and Cons of each, and when to apply them)
  • Zone Focusing (How to use vintage lenses, and manually focus faster than AF lenses) 

Color Management

  • White Balance (Auto vs Manual White Balance, using WB for Creative effect)
  • Histogram (Understanding the Histogram, and why reading this is important to judge color and exposure) 


  • Composition (What makes photographs appealing, and what are some general tips and guidelines to follow?)
  • Depth of Field (What is low or high depth of field and how does this affect composition and narrative?)
  • Sharpness (Is it important and does it add value to your imagery?)

Introduction to Post Processing 

  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Levels and Curves
  • Using Mobile Applications to edit on the go
  • Post Processing Workflow
  • Archiving

Guided Field Session 

Image Review and Feedback 

Digital Photography Basics Workshop Dates:

Feb 3rd 2018 (Saturday) and Feb 4th 2018 (Sunday)

Digital Photography Basics Workshop Timings:

10 AM – 6 PM on both days

Can I attend only one day?

No, the workshop is designed as a two day workshop to allow participants to get enough time to apply their knowledge and skill from Day 1 onto the practical session on Day 2. Therefore attendance on both days is mandatory to gain value from this workshop.

Digital Photography Basics Workshop Timings:

 Rs 6,300 (inclusive of lunch + tea + snacks)

You can pay online for Digital Photography Basics Workshop here.

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