Drama School For A Variety Of Theatre Classes In Bangalore

Drama School For Theatre Classes In Bangalore

A Drama School Teaching How To Recreate Life On Stage

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I never understood the worth of drama and acting until recently and that is an astonishing guilt as a film maker. An actor is the most vulnerable and yet, the strongest individual I know. It is not easy to expose yourself so much to the world of a character, so much so that reality and acting almost merge.

A theatre stage is nothing but a dramatized representation of life in order to bring attention to the smallest details of maybe a pretty ‘ordinary’ life. I for myself do not think any life is ‘ordinary’ unless it has lost the ability to feel anything. Many scientists however might find this sort of an individual intriguing and want to examine the brain under stabilized circumstances for a thorough analysis. This situation itself could be a great play commenting on several layered topics on the underneath.

Therefore, a play is also a representation of reality in order to comment and look at it from a different angle or through the eyes of someone you do not understand or have never met.

A good drama school always teaches you how to feel and how to trust at a basic level. These seem like short and simple phrases but the weight they carry is immense and cannot be replaced with any other methods of learning. Once these are clear, only then can one delve into another’s life and be able to imbibe that life’s vulnerabilities, body language, dialect and feelings.

Thus Meeraqi allows you to expose yourself to people around you in a pleasurable and comfortable way through various exercises and practices.

Theatre Classes In Bangalore Were Never So Interesting And Creative

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  • Part Time And Short Term Courses

  • A Big List Of Famous Theatre Personalities As Professional Trainers For Beginners As Well As For Adults

Method acting has always been a way of theatre training. But, how would it feel to be able to create a strong energy of fluid feelings among groups of people through theatre classes in Bangalore? For me, this is extremely exciting! Especially if the space in which all this is happening is turned conducive through workshops, mood building, sound, and dance to build an atmosphere that inculcates certain feelings in this group entity. For me, Meeraqi does that through its Contact Improv classes.

Many of their workshops are available across the week and on weekends that make you feel and understand what your inner self is really saying to you. I feel as an actor it is important to realize and listen to your inner voice and for me, as soon as I enter Meeraqi, I feel I am entering a place of positive energy and calmness that evokes a certain imaginative vibe in me that demands me to create.

Acting can be learned at any age through group activity, observations, theoretical study and application of the same. For this, one needs trainers who are well versed in the art of theatre and know about human psychology and tendencies. They are more than eager to teach anyone who is craving to learn and ready to trust with closed eyes and an open mind in their theatre classes in Bangalore.

Best Acting Schools Are Those That Teach You Acting Without Teaching Acting

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One should never tell an actor to “act scared “; instead, as a trainer, partner or director one must be able to evoke the desired feeling in the actor through exercises, description of an event or connecting the actor to his past memories. This also helps the actor in going back to her/his past and really be able to bring his/her life into his art form.

Believe it or not, even the premature content in the market, is developed through a lot of hard work and perseverance. So I truly believe that any and every creation is important along with every style that exists.  Some artists say that Bollywood is commercial market. Yes it is, but it also gives millions of people a relief from their hard work lives and succeeds to make them laugh or cry. And anyone who can make that happen, to me, is an artist.

Meeraqi however chooses to deal with certain aesthetics because of artistic choices and differences that train actors for theatre and live performances. This is simply because it is an artists’ collaborative space and promotes the same idea.

Want To Join Good Drama Classes In Bangalore?

  • English, Kannada, Bengali And Hindi Languages

  • Speech And Voice Training

Drama classes not only involve acting in terms of expressions and body movement, but also in terms of voice.  Dialect here becomes crucial because a language is what grounds the character into a certain setting and time period. Also, respect for each of these languages and dialects along with their understanding becomes a key part of acting and drama.

Next comes the turn of voice modulation. Dialect and speech not only have to do with speech and accent but also with the enunciation and rhythm of talking. A sentence maybe read in several ways with stress on every different word separately and may at the end sound absolutely different from one another. Hence it is important to learn the power of stressing on certain words, of whispers, of silent thinking and of rhythm.

Meeraqi feels one way this is possible is not only through drama workshops, but also through prose and poetry recitals as well as slam poetry where in learners come to delve into the art of speech training and voice modulation as far as theatre classes in Bangalore are concerned.

Drama Classes For Kids Catch Them Young For Theatre

  • Speech N Voice Training For Kids

A child’s brain is the easiest to grasp at younger ages and what theatre achieves is a feeling of community within an individual. Imagine using theatre classes in Bangalore as a medium to educate your child about love, imagination and community! What’s more a teacher can tell if a child is good at something from early on and if theatre carries real substance, the child can hone their skills right from the beginning and grow into a well taught and experienced theatre actor with years of experience on his/her back.

Also, since the vocal chords and facial features are in developing mode in children, they too can be well trained since the very beginning and could perhaps even turn the child into a great singer! Here at Meeraqi, we understand the worth of theatre classes in Bangalore for a child because the truth is that half of what we are taught in school is never used in daily life.

Acting Classes In Bangalore Are Becoming A Craze With Teenagers Here

  • Free Acting Classes As Trial And Fees Based Regular Acting Classes

Bangalore is a hub of art, music and theatre. And hence many youngsters who have realized the worth and importance of theatre classes in Bangalore are now willingly and excitedly stepping forward to explore themselves through acting and drama with the help of others. Acting requires support from comrades and it also becomes exciting for teenagers to come, meet and enjoy art with a set of like-minded people through different leagues of life.

Many organizations allow you to take drop-in theatre classes in Bangalore or a free trial class to test out a workshop or class in this city. Meeraqi allows you to take the decision of joining regular or weekend theatre classes in Bangalore after experiencing any one of their classes. But somehow, I also feel, what is the harm in trying something new? One must try and do different things every new day; it keeps up the excitement and activity in one’s life and is great for being happy!

Acting Workshops Are Good As Short Term Projects

  • Provide Summer Season Street Theatre In Open

There are various workshops that happen around the whole city of Bangalore off an on! It is great to take up these workshops as a whim and be excited about something new in your life. Maybe one day you realize this workshop leads you to your calling, you quit your job and become an absolutely different person. That sounds like real fun to me. However it takes guts to do that and if you have that, you must try it!

As summer comes along, there are various workshops which start to happen ultimately leading to a performance as an output at the end. Nukad naatak and street theatre have become a very popular way or taking art out of posh and elite settings and bring it to the streets for the masses. Any art is created to communicate something to someone. What is the point of passing on a social message to a handful of people who are not even affected by the problems of the social issues? This is where street theatre comes in at Meeraqi.

Best Acting Classes Are Those That Bring Out The Most Natural Actor From Within

  • Voice Modulation, Speech And Drama Play Their Role!

Acting requires one to remember one’s past, one’s hopes and fears to a level of being able to feel that situation arise and react to it in a real way, rather than an imagined and generated way. Acting cannot be mass produced. Art should not be mass produced. Otherwise, what would be the difference between a multinational corporation and a place like Meeraqi where acting is taught as rules and each feeling has one general output face with consistent quality. NO! Art is never consistent. Art is moving.

And to add to that, one can add layers of dance, body movement, mediation, speech training etc to use a different set of combinations every time one experiments with a character and his/her role.

Bangalore Theatre Groups Are Rich With Great Talent

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With all these principles coming together and a great excitement among Bangalore crowd for theatre and for theatre classes in Bangalore, this city is pretty much full of actors, enthusiasts, directors, spaces, and writers. So, if you want to explore this field along with many other novices, step up and go for it! The sooner you get to excitement, the healthier it is for your life!

But by excitement, I do not mean, once in a while excitement. Acting should not be a trend you follow; it should be a need to explore oneself with proper investment of time, mind and body. At places like Meeraqi, we hold consistency of practice vital and thus host workshops regularly on a proper timetable that is set up and followed by professional trainers and trainees alike.

Theatre Workshops Are Like Art Celebrations For Theatre Lovers

  • Supported By National School Of Drama From North India

So, every time there is a theatre workshop, imagine new hearts coming together to celebrate the plethora of feelings and lives that exist around us. Artists love to sonder. To sonder is to have the realization of the layered lives millions of people live around us that are as complicated and as beautiful as anyone’s most happening one. No life is less than the other and theatre becomes a space for celebrating the beauty of each of these lives along with courage it takes to be each individual who is full of hopes, fears, problems and solutions.

I however have to thank schools like NSD that produced gems like Naseeruddin Shah who we look up to and get inspired by to read and understand the art of theatre. A good performance is one which in fact does not feel like a performance at all; instead it pulls you out of the suspension of disbelief into the reality of a life far away from you or else very close to you.

A good theatre act should bring forward numerous memories or conversations behind your eyelids, into the inner vision of your eyes; so much so that you can not go to bed without an answer to this anxiety and sudden inexplicable upheaval of emotions.

That is what real theatre is.