Urban Daze Drama Show - 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore

Urban Daze Drama Show: 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Urban Daze Drama Show - 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore

Urban Daze Drama Show: 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore Near Me & Near You!

Urban Daze is a showcase of five short theatre plays in Bangalore that examines human interactions and relationships in an urban setting. These are stories that you have heard, characters that you have met, and experiences that you have lived, with a twist.

We can all remember a time when we have been pleasantly surprised by the acts of a complete stranger, or had one of those incredibly horrible days in our lives, where absolutely everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. We’ve all felt the butterflies in our stomachs when approaching a potential romantic interest for the very first time, the pains of rejection (well at least most of us have), the dread of meeting an ex, and the hope of love.

This event showcasing these five stories tries to explore just that- familiar themes and situations that we can all relate to, with poignant and humorous takes that will make you laugh, perhaps hit you in the feels, but will surely entertain.

The 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore:

“What’s the Meta”

It’s the night of the show, the audience is starting to fill up, and two written parts of the play are anxiously waiting to be brought to life on a stage. The smaller of the two parts is evidently embroiled in a crisis of self-worth due to being underwritten and not as fleshed out. The smaller part feels that it does nothing to advance the plot and its existence is insignificant to the story. The larger, more developed part then endeavors to persuade its counterpart that they are both integral to the performance that is about to begin, and of the true and indisputable collaborative nature of theatre.

“The Man Who Couldn’t Dance”

Eric and Gail used to be star crossed lovers. Eric was the love of her life, and Gail was the one that got away. Gail always imagined that she and Eric would be together, but inexplicably one day, Eric leaves. Years later, after Gail is married, they decide to meet and Eric can’t help but wonder about what could have been. The two former lovers seek closure from each other and years of pent up emotions slowly rise to the surface until Eric finally reveals that he can’t dance and this was just another thing he could never provide her. It is a story about love and regret in the aftermath of a broken heart.

“The Philadelphia”

Marcus is having one of those days where everything that can go wrong is going wrong- anything he asks for, he can’t seem to get, anything he tries to do, doesn’t seem to get done; anywhere he tries to go, he can’t seem to get to. Marcus narrates the story of his incredibly frustrating day to his good friend “Al” who reveals to him that his horrible luck is the consequence of being trapped in a metaphysical funk called a “Philadelphia”. Al also tells Marcus that he can make the best of this situation by asking for the opposite of what he actually wants.

“Sure Thing”

In “Sure Thing”, Bill tries to strike up a conversation with Betty at a coffee shop with the intent to pick her up. Like any such conversations, numerous things go wrong. But each time the conversation is plummeting to an impasse, a timely reset in the sound of a bell comes on, allowing Bill and Betty to start over from the point before things went downhill. This endearing conversation with heaps of revisions lets the couple finally reach a place of delightful compatibility and have the perfect interaction.

“Ferris Wheel”

Dorrie is deathly scared of heights, but rides a Ferris wheel, once a year on her birthday as an exercise to build character and strengthen moral fibre. John serendipitously happens to sit next to her on one such birthday, which sparks an unlikely love story between the two as they get stuck atop a malfunctioning Ferris wheel.

About Renegade Arts and Theatre Society

Renegade Arts and Theatre Society (R.A.T.S.) was founded in June 2006, as a forum for creative expression through theatre and art. R.A.T.S. has used theatre as a medium for social change by creating awareness on critical issues and has raised money through theatre for various charities around Bangalore. They aim to provide quality entertainment while entreating the audiences to think critically about pertinent issues.

Some of the R.A.T.S. past productions include “Kamala” by Vijay Tendulkar, “The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh, “How I Learnt to Drive” by Paula Vogel, and “Proof” by David Auburn.

Urban Daze Drama Show: 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore – Dates

March 10th & 11th, 2018

Urban Daze Drama Show: 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore – Timings

March 10th: 7:45 PM

March 11th: 4:45 PM & 7:45 PM

Urban Daze Drama Show: 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore – Venue

Meeraqi, 601, 1st Floor, 12th Main, Opposite Hagen Daz, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar 560038 Bangalore

Urban Daze Drama Show: 5 Short Theatre Plays In Bangalore – Tickets

INR 300

You can also buy you ticket online HERE or on Book My Show.

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