Anton Safonov: Facilitator - Extreme Solutions And Pleasure

Contemporary Dance Workshop In Bangalore: Extreme Solutions And Pleasure By Anton Safonov

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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2018)

Contemporary Dance Workshop In Bangalore: Extreme Solutions And Pleasure By Anton SafonovContemporary Dance Workshop In Bangalore: Extreme Solutions And Pleasure By Anton Safonov

Contemporary dance is not just about the body and the intention must not be to learn technique and skill. It is a language that seeps into the way we look at life. Anton Safonov’s training methods are very explorative and deal with the newness in everything. It is summed up as ‘new experience’. His contemporary dance workshop in Bangalore is meant for anyone who is open to experimenting with their body and opening up different blockages of the mind that have been built by the ways of today’s world. We need a change of vision in order to reach a higher level of self-realization and bridge the gaps between our superficial layers and our soul.

Who is it for?

  • Dancers
  • Actors
  • Movers
  • Art enthusiasts open to pushing themselves.

Workshop Title: Extreme Solutions And Pleasure

The name of the workshop is Extreme Solutions And Pleasure. In today’s times dominated by social media, consumption and lethargy; we have forgotten what it feels like really connecting with the soul of the world. This is because our ways of thinking have been tainted by the common consensus on the ways of thinking. However, each one of us has a voice and series of thoughts that are bursting to come out to express and we do not know that. This sort of unknown suppression builds up in us as insecurity that targets our conscious mind and forces it to take the old traditional paths traversed by the masses. This pattern is what this workshop intends to break.

Anton Safonov: Facilitator - Extreme Solutions And Pleasure

This two-day Extreme Solutions And Pleasure Workshop is an intensive, extreme and pleasurable course that uses body, voice, and kinesthetics to teach this “new experience” building. But what is kinesthetics? It is the aesthetic of learning something through touch, feel and exercise by building body awareness and a “muscle mind” rather than through rote learning, textbooks or class lectures. We human beings mostly only touch food or metal in today’s times; and touching another human being is a very rare thing which strictly suggests intimacy. This is a rather strange development and causes a major disconnect within humanity.

Anton is a very experienced teacher who has been across the world and has his dance base in Ukraine. He has taught students through kinesthetics and through new innovative physical training methods that also include vocal and speech training. He has a knack of confusing the mind and redirecting it continuously to bring out the animalistic and natural instincts of reacting rather than the beautiful and graceful ways of being. These graceful ways of being are rather false and constructed under the tags of “eliteness”, “sophistication” and “culture”. Definitions are bindings; which is why he calls his way of training “new” rather than naming it a particular thing. All a student needs to know is that they would be experiencing something new, something out of the box and extremely pleasurable in this two-day Extreme Solutions And Pleasure Workshop. However, a good teacher may not necessarily mean good learning if the student does not give in to the trainings of the teacher.

Anton Safonov: Facilitator - Extreme Solutions And Pleasure

So a student must be open to different perceptions and senses. Openness to touch, feelings and trusting people is part of this two-day Extreme Solutions And Pleasure Workshop. You see, humanity lacks a lot of trust and realization in today’s date because of the number of protective blankets and layers of non-communication we live under. One may argue that social media is a great way of communicating and staying in touch. At Meeraqi, we understand this conception but if only everyone could perceive the state of the world at a true level, the world would be more accepting of its depreciative state. This is our attempt to try creating a better communication in the world by starting the Extreme Solutions And Pleasure Workshop.

As artists, as dancers, as actors, it becomes our responsibility to help the world connect better and provide a platform for conversation. We are delighted to host Anton at Meeraqi who has an immense amount of dedication towards the arts, experience of teaching and self-explored ways of learning. He says that this workshop is not about teaching the students how to dance; that is a language they have to learn. It is in fact to push each student to find his or her own way of communicating. The Extreme Solutions And Pleasure Workshop provides a plethora of mediums of expressions and ideas and it enables a student to dive deep into their understanding of themselves in relation to the world.

Anton Safonov: Facilitator - Extreme Solutions And Pleasure

Nobody can really teach you how to dance because that would mean they are teaching you what to say. And art is the last thing in the world that wants to do that.

This workshop will instead focus on building a communication with oneself and the world around through learning from course-mates and exercises. These exercises will include physical exercises, theatre training with voice, acrobatics and martial arts alongside partner work. Therefore this workshop would target physical, mental, spiritual and mindful consciousness that not only trains the body but also impacts the feelings of a student. It is almost like an artistic immersion into oneself through these mediums.

Anton Safonov: Facilitator - Extreme Solutions And Pleasure

And at Meeraqi, we think that this immersion, which is inside and out is perhaps the most essential need of the hour at the very moment. Also as an arts organisation, we want to do the best we can to make hearts across the world meet, chat and have a cup of tea together. This contemporary workshop will almost be like heaving a cup of tea together but with a lot of sweat and intention!

What we mean to say is that it will be a warm and welcoming environment oozing out energy to be soak in by everyone who comes to the workshop as if they were always there, as if they were always meant to be there. With the right spirit in humanity, the world could also become a place to live like this. But let us start with this class first. So we welcome and invite you with all our cordiality to come and immerse in this interactive and “new experience” that will definitely make you look at the world in a different way when you leave Extreme Solutions And Pleasure Workshop.

Workshop Dates:

April 14th and April 15th (Saturday and Sunday)

Workshop Timings:

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Workshop Price:

INR 2,000

You can book your seat by paying online HERE.

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