Food Photography Workshop In Bangalore By Nivedita Ghosh

Food Photography Workshop In Bangalore By Nivedita Ghosh

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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

Food Photography Workshop In Bangalore By Nivedita Ghosh

Food Photography Workshop In Bangalore by Nivedita Ghosh

Photography has come a long way in many genres, providing a powerful medium of expression. Whatever be the subject, a story can be narrated. Exploring this powerful medium in the food industry, chefs, owners of restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, breweries, pubs and many more establishments now thrive on their food photography and post those incredible photos all over social media. Hence food photography is a big deal. Right from plating to lighting, composition to editing, capturing that perfect photo of a dish is an art that employs various tools to narrate the essence and story of the food.

In Food Photography Workshop, we will go over the basics of taking stunning food photos, hit the right balance of artistic and technical skills required, learn the importance of food styling, set the scene with tools such as natural and artificial lights, surfaces and props etc., explore mobile food photography, grasp post-processing skills, discuss and learn essential techniques for sharing food photos and blogging, and go hands-on in employing the knowledge procured in the workshop in a real setting.

Your Mentor For Food Photography Workshop:

Nivedita Nandi Ghosh is a photographer based out of Bangalore. Her passion for photography began when she was gifted a digital camera in school. The camera has been her constant companion since then. It was only after finishing her graduation in computer applications that she thought of taking up photography as a profession. She went through a year and half of intensive training in commercial photography from a very reputed institute in Mumbai, and also assisted a few photographers.

Nivedita Ghosh - Facilitator - Food Photography Workshop In Bangalore

She has been practicing as a professional photographer for over four years now. Apart from photography, she loves to travel and explore new places and is a big foodie as well. She specializes in candid and creative wedding photography, couple shoots, portraiture as well as food and travel photography. Though her forte is people photography, her ‘never say no’ attitude gets her doing anything that comes her way. She has done food photography for multiple restaurants and chains in Bangalore in this short time span to deliver some wonderful food photographs. She goes deep in understanding the scene and brings out all the elements of the dish in her photos.

She is charismatic and a fun person to work with. Expect some great time learning from her. You can find her work on:

Who can attend the Food Photography Workshop?

Food Photography Workshop is open to all those photographers who are exploring food photography and want to become a professional at it. Beginners at photography and enthusiasts, food bloggers and lovers, and restaurant/food business owners can benefit greatly and master this genre of photography in a short time to come up with amazing masterpieces of their food photos. This workshop will enable you to take up food photography projects as well as give you the boost to hit the ground running by training your skills in photography and teaching you multiple concepts. It will also help you in understanding the rewards and challenges of becoming a professional food photographer, should you wish to become one.

What equipment do you need to get for Food Photography Workshop?

Participants will get to try out a hands-on project, hence it is encouraged that you bring your own camera such as any DLSR, Mirrorless or Point and Shoot of any brand. In case you cannot arrange for one, we can help with organizing one for you that you can use for the workshop on a rental basis. Also, since mobile photography for food is a segment in this workshop, good mobile phone cameras are also encouraged.

It is also advised if you can bring your laptops so that you can try out post-processing and share images that you may take. You can also bring them along on a hard drive / pen drive for review.

Food Photography Workshop Curriculum:

Learning Food Photography

• Introduction to Food Photography (reasons for learning, basics of photography)
• Getting Started (what you need)
• Food + Camera = Storytelling (storytelling tools, food story blueprint)

Food Styling

• Pretty Pictures of Ugly Food (what’s a good looking dish)
• Choosing the Right Dish (your dish is your canvas, collection of dishes etc.)
• Food Styling 101 (stylists, elements of styling – freshness, quantity, garnish etc., personal art, pause to observe, before and after images)
• Styling within the Story (styling to inform, create emotion, story of delicious)

Mood of the Image

• Getting to Understand the Dish (culture, flavor, history, personal experience)
• Essential Props to set the Mood
• Lighting for the Mood

Setting the Scene

• Seeing like a Camera (eye vs camera, seeing a rectangle, creating the frame)
• Setup your Lighting (overview for – noticing light, primary lighting angles, scraping your light, diffusing your light, artificial lighting, shooting outdoors)
• Choosing the Right Surface (surface tells a story, using existing surface, foam poster boards, wooden tabletops, textures etc.)
• Using Props (props add information, napkins and textiles, kitchen towels, placemats, utensils, using nothing etc.)

Choosing the Right Camera

• Compare Camera Types
• Mobile Food Photography (advantages vs disadvantages, photo taking apps, photo editing apps, when to use mobile cameras)
• Point and Shoot Food Photography (advantages vs disadvantages, when to use)
• DSLR and Mirrorless Cam FP (what is a DSLR & mirrorless camera, advantages and disadvantages, when to use, what setup to use, recommendations)

Composition and Framing

• What’s in a frame
• Types of Angles and their Importance
• Importance of Depth of Field
• Rule of Thirds (highlight the important parts)
• Vertical Portrait Mode (for web and social media)
• Close-ups
• Use the 5/10 rule – 5 different setups/angles, 10+ shots in each setup / practice.
• Importance of Tripod

Lighting the Subject

• Learning to Notice Light (where it is coming from, what color)
• Primary Lighting Angles (backlight, front light, side light, directional, multiple sources)
• Scraping Light (light comes in from the side and “scrapes” over the texture on the surface of the food.)
• Use of Natural Lighting in your Area
• Use of Artificial Lighting (-specific equipment only, up to 3-, how to install and use, reflectors, etc.)
• Shooting Outdoors (sunlight at its best)

Image Processing

• Goal of Editing (dos/don’ts, enhancing realism, editing examples)
• Types of Editing Effects (crop & straighten, white balance, exposure levels, contrast, sharpness, noise reduction, how to save time in editing, RAW vs JPEG, editing on a mobile device)
• Lightroom Workflow (introduction, import photos, flagging and deleting, creating collections, managing files)
• Editing in Lightroom (crop & straighten, white balance, exposure levels, contrast, sharpness, noise reduction, spot removal, final touches)

Sharing Your Photos

• Social Media (photo sizes and purposes for Instagram, Facebook etc., following some good accounts for example)
• Into to food blogging (content, social media, food porn sites, connect with the community)

Experiential Session:

Hands-on experience to employ the tools, skills and knowledge gained over the workshop in a real setting, photography assignment in a specific situation (team participation, chef/restaurant experience/ client over seeing etc.)

Session on image review and feedback

Is it possible if I attend only one day?

No, this two-day workshop is designed to allow the participants to get plenty of time to apply their knowledge and skill from Day 1 onto the practical session on Day 2. Hence, it is required that the participants are present on both the days to gain maximum value from this workshop.

Food Photography Workshop dates;

7th-8th April (Saturday and Sunday)

Food Photography Workshop Timings:

The workshop will start at 10AM and end at 6PM on both days.

Food Photography Workshop cost:

INR 6000/- (inclusive of lunch+tea+snacks)

You can book your seat by paying online HERE.

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