A Cool Martial Arts School For Peaceful Martial Arts Classes In Bangalore

Martial Arts School For Martial Arts Classes In Bangalore

A Martial Arts School With A Cool Temperament Without Aggression

  • Adjudged Among Top 10 Best Martial Arts Schools In Bangalore

Martial arts are forms of defense or exercise that is used to build a stable mind and a strong body. It is not okay to be used as a medium of letting out frustration; in fact it should be used as a medium to be able to control, to tame it. Hence, martial arts too can be taught with smiles and composure rather than with hard trainers who want to teach you how to beat someone up. In reality, martial arts are also a form of meditation that needs synchronization of the body and the mind along with core balance.

There are many options one can choose martial arts classes in Bangalore from across the entire city. But what is important is to be able to decide which form of martial arts you like. All the rankings could mean anything but what matters calls out to you and which teacher you feel at home with.

So look at your options and take a wise pick according to the skill set you want to learn and what are the ideals it teaches you!

Martial Arts Classes In Bangalore That Turn You Strong, Not Violent

  • Regular Weekday And Weekend Batches

  • Part Time And Short Term Courses

  • A Big List Of Martial Arts Experts As Professional Trainers For Beginners As Well As For Adults

Choose the correct martial arts institute which teaches you about the meditative and body controlling powers of Martial arts. Gaining strength is not about using it forcefully; instead it is about controlling it methodologically.

Martial arts classes in Bangalore are a lot about being in control rather than exposing yourself to violence and the attraction of strength. Yes, strength is attractive, but all attractions are merely deceptions. One should never be enamored and in control of strength, rather one should be the controller of strength.

The correct martial arts classes in Bangalore teach you these points and this state of complete calmness. Here you will really understand the meaning of ‘silence before a storm’. Professional trainers can teach one about these basic rules in martial arts classes in Bangalore in weekend or weekday batches for adults as well as for children.

Martial Arts Schools Follow Old Traditional Culture Of Self Defense

  • Chinese Styles Of Training

China has always been a place that reminds me of minimal and effective ways of living. Martial arts also lay their foundation on these principles of movement. All their moves and exercises comprise very well calculated steps and body exercises which train the body in slow and yet complex movements.

They actually almost feel like a rhythmic dance form in full pressure and control of the body with specific body freeze holds that make each joint and muscle work out in strained yet safe postures.

Therefore they have been studied and passed down from generations and generations of masters and thus are very unique and traditional forms of exercises. It is my personal dream to once go to China, and train there for a year. But until I do so, I would recommend for people like me to at least explore a drop of the ocean through joining martial arts classes in Bangalore.

There are plenty of options available from teachers and masters who have trained and learned this form of self-defense and now want to teach it to the future generations so that it can be handed down once again through martial arts classes in Bangalore!

Martial Arts Training Follows Its Ancient Protocol

  • Free Trial Classes Available At Many Centres

Having the possibility of learning such an ancient and strong art form is overwhelming in itself. But what would you say of free classes for the same?

Now, that is a complete jackpot. If you do not go for free classes and events for something as technically beautiful as this, you would really be missing something. Find a center online where you can walk in for a free class or else some other centres that host daily free martial arts classes in Bangalore. I think a lot of times; it becomes a lot more about spreading the awareness and carrying it forward, rather than looking at it as a profitable business. Only some people with an artistic and giving mind can think of such a philanthropic deed and we must do the least by at least fulfilling its purpose!

Be wise and just take a few free martial arts classes in Bangalore or workshop on martial arts training to be part of an ancient art form that can help you explore your inner strength and help you work on your weaknesses.

Karate Classes Are The Most Popular Martial Arts Classes In Bangalore

  • Majority Of Centers Provide Judo And Karate Coaching

Ever since we came to our senses, we have been hearing about the more popular forms of martial arts like karate and judo.

Well, do not confuse popularity with worth because that is something we humans tend to do these days with the upheaval of social media and advertising. However you could start by watching YouTube videos for all these martial arts forms and shortlist the kinds you find interesting.

Then at least at places like Meeraqi, you could take walk-in martial arts classes in Bangalore from a workshop or even talk to the trainers before you signup for the classes on a one-to-one basis to understand the differences between each form of martial arts. From there, you could select the ones you are looking for, go for a trial and then subsequently join a class where you would be trained by certified professionals and trainers for all age groups.

MMA Training In Bangalore Is Scaling New Heights

  • Optimum Cost @ Reasonable Fees Is Popularizing Mixed Martial Arts Model!

However, with the ongoing awareness and emphasis on physical fitness not just in terms of cardio exercises but yoga and strength training; art forms like MMA training are gaining an outburst and gradual escalation of demand.

The best part is that since they are a new market and also because there already exist centers that impart free education for the same, these MMA training classes are available at lower costs and in adjustable batches according to your convenience throughout the city. All you have to do is, type on Google which ones you are looking for and it will give you many centers to choose from!

The reasonable fees per workshop or class has also made Mixed Martial Arts a popular form of weight training, body control, strength building and exercise. So research about MMA more, find the style you like and go for it. Life is much more pleasurable when you push yourself to try new and fascinating things. That is how at the end of the day you can always tell someone something like “Hey, you know, today I tried…” with a spark in your eyes that most people would be envious of!

Boxing Classes Still Preserve Their Old World Charm

  • Classical Boxing Institute!

A boxing ring is one the commonest images when we think about boxing. This is because of innumerable number of times it has appeared in films, in music videos or even on our WWF TV channels.

Hence the punches, the hooks and the defense are the terms we are all familiar with. However boxing too is a form of defense and body training, rather than a way of learning how to fight. Boxing still preserves its old world charm because of its very old history in our minds that has been passed down from generations to generations of knowledge transfer through media and music.

There are many classical boxing institutes that preserve this way of self-defense and training as against the recent innovative ways mentioned in this write up. However, its old world charm should never be confused with conventional ways of fighting. Old is gold. This art form still has the most important and well-studied moves that can help you get out of any tricky situation through set routines that allow you to target different areas of the opponent’s body, one part after the other to cause a full breakdown.

This is not the intention of this art form, but it sure gives you the power to remain in a dominant position to defend yourself.

Kickboxing Classes Are An Extension Of Classical Boxing

  • A Style Of Martial Arts Combining Boxing With Karate

Boxing has a lot of concentration on the hands rather than kicks. Kick boxing is an extension of boxing that trains one to kick better. This could be called a very good combination of various art forms like karate and boxing.

It is fascinating to see how much training one simple kick needs. First of all, it needs the body to be flexible enough to raise the leg very high. Secondly, the body needs to be able to swing the leg in various styles each one of which produces a different momentum. Each of these momentums needs the body to be able to balance itself through a strong core. And at the end, be able to team up momentum with strength form the whole body into that one blow.

That is a lot of training for one kick. Now imagine hundreds of these sorts of kicks. It could take a lifetime to correct all of these kicks, but well, it is worth the push. Think so? Take a free or walk-in class and find out! There are very talented trainers in the market who know the optimum ways of training beginners as well as advanced practitioners. In fact, at Meeraqi, we believe that learning comes through collaborating all of these different levels of practitioners together for learning and unlearning all at the same time to produce a conducive environment for fresher ways of learning!

Taekwondo Classes Have Their Own Dedicated Following

  • Tae Means Foot, Kwon Means Hand, And Do Means Art. Hence Taekwondo Means Art Of Kicks And Fists

Taekwondo is more of a strength training form of Martial Arts rather than meditation. Its concentration lies in the art of perfecting kicks, flips and fists.

This takes kickboxing a step ahead by removing from it the art of boxing and introducing the art of punching and slapping.

The most common image is the breaking of wooden planks with a combination of footwork and fist work. Imagine, rapid spinning kicks and flying hand slaps continuously in one row of linear planks of wood. A taekwondo learner then breaks all of these planks through the power and momentum of his body that is generated through a repetition of movement.

I feel repetition is not only a form of exercise but also a form of flow where in the action becomes such an important part of existing that it happens in a constant and inevitable way just like breathing. So if you are looking for strengthening your kicks and fist work in order to be able to fight in a continuous flow of defense, then this form of MMA is the way to go!

Kung Fu Training Attracts Those Who Value Hard Work

  • Kung Fu Was Originally Developed By Shaolin Temple

Remember Master Shifu and Po from Kung Fu Panda!? Well, I do not think the portrayal of Kung Fu in Kung Fu Panda is the most authentic way of judging its expertise level, but I do know that it has made this art form really popular, for which I am grateful.

A lot of times, cinema does pretty good things to the psychology of human minds.

However, as fun loving and easy to grasp it looked in that film, Kung Fu is not at all like that. It takes years and years of hard work and training to be able to perfect one move. This martial art form requires one to be balanced not just bodily but also emotionally and spiritually.

This art form derives its strength from the teachings of the Shaolin temple which has meditation as one of its key features. Hence, this art form too consumes one’s inner self a lot which is perhaps the hardest to train in oneself. You can physically move and catch up with assignments but what I have recently realized is that people find it very difficult to spend time with themselves and their thoughts, and that meditation is one of the hardest things to do.

This martial art form requires the meditative aspect along with agility, strength and speed, and therefore is one of the hardest martial art forms to take up as a challenge. But that is the fun part, isn’t it?

Jiu Jitsu Classes Teach The Japanese System To Its Followers

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Focuses On Ground Fighting

Japan is known for its smart, calculative and effective moves. Jiu Jitsu is something that comprises all these tree tacts.

However, as much as it hails from Japan, there is also a Brazilian version of it. Jiu Jitsu is a defense art form where in they teach you about the red and the green zones which are the danger and the safe zones. The most important intention is to get to the green zones and stay there in a dominant position in which your opponent or attacker cannot hit you but you have the choice and possibility to hit them. This does not suggest you hit them; rather, it gives you the power to give them the time to calm down and break off the fight.

This art form comprises of smart locking and throwing the opponent/attacker down on the ground in expert moves that have been taught to you after training and studying the anatomy of the body along with the agility of the mind.

Thus, if you are looking for a non-violent calm way of defense, this is your best bet and what is more you can drop in for a walk-in class anytime at any of the centers in this city.

Tai Chi Classes Offer Supreme Ultimate Exercise

  • A Martial Art With Excellent Health Benefits!

This actually is one of most favorite and interesting forms of martial arts classes in Bangalore. This is in fact known as the Chinese form of boxing. It generally comprises of holding ball full of currents or waves in your hands, which you are balancing and moving around.

It consists of a meditative form of practice that builds your core strength. Amongst the various exercises, two of the most basic moves are slipping and producing a vibration. Most of Tai chi’s exercises comprises of moving in 45 degree angles that facilitate the process of slipping through a punch or kick. At this point, I would suggest to you to watch YouTube videos or take a walk-in class to understand the application of this simple yet constant exercise in this martial arts form.

The second, which is the vibration production is a very fast way of concentrating you whole body strength in one punch, kick of slap in the most unexpected and yet flowing way, in a rapid blow!

I somehow feel dance and martial arts are quite similar sometimes as both require building core strength, meditation and continuous repetition and practice of exercises but the output is somewhat very different although they certainly do overlap.

So do try a MMA training class for free as a beginner and explore your journey to maybe even becoming a sensei!