Unique Mindfulness Meditation Centres In Bangalore

Meditation Centres In Bangalore

A Meditation Centre With Insight Into Mediation And Life

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“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

– William Henry Davies

This poem titled ‘Leisure’ is something I read in my class 5 textbook, and ever since then, has become my way of life. Meditation allows one to really look around, teaches one the importance of waiting patiently and admiring the smallest but the most important thing, which is the breath of life. A meditation centre facilitates the process of meditation and aims at making it a way of life 24 by 7.

It gives one the inner insight into life and wellbeing that is taught through patience and peace. This form of living one can realise is much slower and much richer in terms of thought and knowledge. It teaches one to let go of worldly worries and truly live.

Meditation Centres In Bangalore Are Quite Sought After Places For Its Cool Population

  • Yoga And Meditation Are Placed At The Same High Pedestal Together

Hence, I completely fall into the category of believers in meditation and look around for meditation centres in Bangalore. The more of them are there, the better it is for the health of the city! Somehow, I always imagine myself getting stuck in an elevator full of people with the lack of oxygen, and then I imagine among the breathlessness, how would I react? Would I be able to control the panic? This is where I feel meditation centres in Bangalore come in. Keeping a calm head is very important. Especially, in our very fast and twisted lives, we encounter problems all the time. Not just physical ailments, but emotional blows from work, friends and family. In these cases, one must be able to step back, restrain to react until one has understood the situation more objectively and then, make a more mature settled decision. I would argue that this sort of maturity is also strengthened by meditation.

In Bangalore’s technological life, it becomes very important to introduce peace of mind. With an intelligent and diverse population, meditation centres in Bangalore become a vital places for relaxation and positiveness.

This sort of peace can also be combined with exercise and forms yoga. Yoga and mediation go hand in hand are both well received and extremely sought after in a city like Bangalore where there are cars and traffic jams day in and day out. Patience and training the mind to balance becomes the key.

Meditation In Bangalore Is Like Fish In Water – The Two Coexist Unconditionally

  • Learn Numerous Meditation Types: Alpha, Art Of Living, Dynamic, Third Eye, Isha, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, Mindfulness, Mudra, Pyramid, Reiki, Raja Yoga, Transendental, Zen

  • Best Places For Meditation: Meditation Center, Ashram, One Day Retreats, Camp, Sessions, Weekend Workshops

Bangalore’s pollution, dust and fast paced life cannot do without meditation and meditation cannot do without the reason it was made for. One is pointless without the order and hence, one must utilize this creation.

This is why I recommend meditation centres, particularly meditation centres in Bangalore. What is the point of life, if you have not spent enough time grooming yourself, reaching your potential, not just work-wise, but also emotionally and spiritually? There is so much power within us and there are so many meditation centres in Bangalore that help us realize this power.

There are so many options that one can go to because each centre or workshop is shaped to fulfill the need for a different sort of meditation. One must understand these kinds and then choose to take the step ahead.

Meditation Retreats Are Ways To Be One With One’s Own Self

  • Best Place To Meditate Is A Retreat With Or Without A Guru

  • Groups Can Utilize A Hall With Teachers To Guide Them

Stay with yourself for a few days, understand your powers and your problems; learn to fall in love with yourself; all this can happen at any of the meditation centres in Bangalore, if you just try!

You can choose to go to one of the retreats that are available all across Bangalore and forget about everything.

Or you could book a hall to meditate with or without a teacher to guide you. I feel meditation more than anything is the challenge of sitting still without thinking or doing anything.

It is about being empty which is the hardest thing to do. But Meeraqi’s open space facilitates this feeling and empowers you to do so.

Vipassana Courses Are Individual Or Group Retreats

  • At Vipassana Course Centres

You can go alone or take your family and go together as a collective wellness trip where in you support each other to live a healthier lifestyle that you can carry back home!

At these meditation centres in Bangalore, you are not allowed to have in connection from anything or anybody but yourself. It is a process of deep thought and maybe even yoga and posture practice. It is a way of reconnecting with your own self and to gain peace.

Retreat Centres In Bangalore Have An Ancient Cultural Heritage

  • Catholic Retreats

Many meditation retreat centres in Bangalore offer natural surroundings where you can hear the trickle of the water upon dawn and take time to see the sun set in yellow yonder at the gaping tear of the horizon between heaven and earth, at sunset.

These retreat centres are also tied to religion, culture and history such as catholic retreats. However, I do not believe in dividing peace and so would not like to divide these meditative spaces into religion or political history. Instead, I would say their origin and history may be different, but their motive is the same.

It is important to spend time hearing the chirp of birds, or to watch a squirrel nibble on a nut.

“No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.”

Be a cow. That is another aim for my life. Be as meditative, as calm, and as empty as a cow. I am very interested in understanding how a cow thinks, if she thinks, and what is it that goes on in her mind. So empty! So stable!

Speaking of stability, and steering to a less crazy viewpoint, there is yoga. A practice that is full of balance, strength and awareness. When you are balancing your whole body weight on one hand, you can feel each muscle in your body, tighten. Believe me, while doing Yoga, I have achieved to sweat from places like my earlobe. Just kidding!

Vipassana Meditation Bangalore Charges Fees And Allows Online Registration

  • Add Your Address And Check Schedule

If one only wants to go for mediation once in a while, due to prior occupations, or for a short course, which is why, there are vipassana meditation Bangalore organisations offering vipassana courses in Bangalore.

Everything can happen online; you can register for a date online and be prepared in advance for this beautiful yet difficult journey of solitary living. I feel it is something one must try. But, it requires a proper process one must follow.

Checking your schedule and registering is key to see is Vipassana can accommodate you, since it has visitors booked from all over the world. But if you book and check well in advance, you are sure to be entered and catered to.

Bangalore Meditation Center Allows Free Entry

  • Deals With Osho Dhara, Osho Nisarga, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Mahabodhi And Sidhha Yoga

The sanctity is not just limited to temples. There is this Bangalore Meditation Centre where one can go to gain peace and stability. One can even take a sabbatical from work, and go to some picturesque region with an abundance of nature.

Here you can learn various forms of meditation, yoga and practices that will help you understand the true pace of life.

Osho Centre in Bangalore works on the principles of harmony within a community and barter system of work. There are various books too that have influences and encouraged people to spend time with themselves through mediums like yoga.

Vipassana Meditation Centre Is Another Option To Join

  • Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation Centre in Bangalore offers one the choice of short courses or 10 day courses which are designed according to the stages of life for optimum connection with oneself. One can however, even continue mediation at home after this dedicated meditation time. Meditation is as easy as closing your eyes and feeling yourself breathe.

Vivekananda Yoga Kendra Is An Old Established Meditation Centre

  • Raja Yoga Schedule

But what I mean is while one does yoga, each body part is an active part that is working out. But there are also dedicated body exercises to make a particular muscle work, much like in ballet. Repetition of an exercise makes that muscle stronger without any cardio, or technology. Yoga makes you disconnect from the world around you in various ways, while building on the connection within yourself. The world has now come to address the power of yoga through places like the Vivekananda Yoga Kendra in Bangalore, which invites and collaborates with international students and teachers.

If you want to go to something old and traditional, you could choose to go here to delve in the traditional ways of meditating and finding yourself.

There are different forms of meditations that are followed that include gong relaxation, touch relaxation, and many more that work with one’s sense and one’s sense of time and rhythm.

Meeraqi heals in a very different way by teaching carefree attitude, trust and faith in humanity through each other.

Buddhist Temple Is Yet Another Option To Join

  • Buddhist Meditation

Some people say temples give them this pleasure of solitude even while they are sitting amongst other people. For me, it is monasteries. I have been to many Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan, like the Tiger Nest Monastery and Buddhist temple in Bangalore. The generation of the serenity there because of the continuous meditation exudes sanctity, which is extremely moving.

Imagine, someone punching you really hard in the gut, but you don’t feel the punch, you instead feel a release, as the fist exits your body.

I have been meaning to go to Bylakuppe to join the Buddhist temple there for a couple of days, but it has not happened yet. Now, I realise, Bangalore too has options for a similar experience and I highly recommend one to go there.

This form of meditation is really different from yoga or Indian meditation. Monks sit in a monastery and pray to evoke power in their surroundings. The feeling generated collectively is very strong and makes one feel the power of the whole universe within one room.

Meeraqi too does that but, in a creative way. With its classes like contact improve, where 20 bodies become one wave of the ocean. Come and join to know more!

Osho Centre Follows Osho’s Style Of Meditation

  • Osho Meditation

If you just want to go and try living for free somewhere for the sake of staying alone, you could go to the Osho centres. They allow you to live there for free in return of services required for sustainable living of the community. It is like a small little world of its own.

They follow the principles of master Osho who has written a great many books that have influenced mnay lives through the power of the written word. But, if you want to see this happen in reality, go and join a centre!

Sit. Stay still. Breathe. Realise. Feel. Relax. Stay empty. Repeat.

This for me is meditation of the mind and the heart that has the power to heal and reveal.

Meditation Techniques You Must Be Familiar With

  • Hundreds Of Meditation Techniques Are Available To Choose One From!

Coming to the point, we are always at a stage of life where we could incorporate meditation techniques in our lives. Adolescence, Adulthood, Motherhood, Old age; every stage of life is a trying time, but to be able to deal with it all, one needs to be able to step back, compose oneself and then be happy to handle whatever the little problems are and to curb them. Keeping oneself happy is very important and to understand what makes you happy is even more important. This can be done when you relax and think,

What is it that you really want for yourself?

I buy flowers for myself once in a while. I like doing things for myself. I am not alone or lonely, it just makes me feel like I love myself, which is also something one gains after something like meditation. It makes you spend time with yourself and really connect with the energy within.

Sahaja Yoga Centres In Bangalore Are Another Good Option To Join

  • Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja yoga meditation centres in Bangalore believe in acknowledging and strengthening the aura within through looking inward, rather than outward. Self- reflection which is a little different from introspection is the key. It has more to do with connecting with oneself, rather than measuring our decisions of life. I feel once the conscience is strong, one can always take better decisions in life because of the power of awareness.

They are a good option as meditation centres in Bangalore because they are almost like a retreat and will not meet anyone there you know and it could be a great respite from the daily life.

They also have their distinct set of routines and meditations that you can check out on their website and if it fulfills what you are looking for, you must leave your hectic life behind and go on an awakening solitary break.

But if you just want to relax with smiling faces in your neighborhood, come to Meeraqi and you will find the composure you need in its wide space, soothing colors and smiling faces.