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Let us break the word ‘Music’ down. Steps to follow:
Kiss your lips. Mmmm
Stretch your lips to the sides. EEE
Use your nasal voice to make an O with your mouth and say U.
Touch your tongue to your lower teeth and to the upper palate to say Z
Open your mouth to round your C with a short ‘I’ and then use your tongue along with your upper palate to pronounce C.

I took 30 minutes to figure out how our mouth moves in order to pronounce a single word.

Now imagine, the amount of evolving that has happened for us humans to collectively agree on these ways of pronunciation and sound. This is how we make languages so that we can understand one another. However, nowadays, we never say what we truly feel and never voice what we actually believe in. Here is where music and a good music school like Meeraqi to learn the same enter in.

Most Exploratory Music Classes In Bangalore

  • Daily Early Morning, Evening And Regular Weekend Batches

  • Famous International Musicians Providing Professional Training For Adults

To be honest, music is what keeps my faith alive in humanity. Through music, we are able to unlearn what has been instilled in us, because we learn and experiment with making different sounds and meeting unique vocal pitches. However, what I truly love is our ability to understand the sense of sound, and be able to produce something so astonishingly touching. Music combines these words we have created through extensive studies and semiology with a repetition of sound. When I listen to good music, I realize how pure and extraordinary we can be. It makes me realize our potential as human beings.

I think that music requires technique with extensive practice and becomes more beautiful with more and more people interacting with it. Hence, sitting here in this garden city of India, I believe music classes in Bangalore can grease this collectivism in order to create magic across its landscapes.

Number Of Music Schools In Bangalore

  • Popular Options To Learn Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard And Violin In House

  • Options To Learn Drums, Tabla, Flute (Bansuri), Jazz, Rock & Sufi At Home Online

Music can liberate one’s body and mind. It is essential for one to understand the worth and importance of music, given that it has a huge impact on our everyday lives. We wake up listening to sounds and right before we close our eyes at night, our bodies become numb to the sounds around us, so that we can dream and dance in our sleep.

There are various music schools in Bangalore that can coach beginners about the complex and yet, much needed ways of learning music. Now one may ask why one should learn music if it is so connected to one’s soul. I think we humans, have spent a lot of time and effort understanding the best ways of doing a particular thing and we might as well put it to use. And anyway, in order to break rules, one must know them first.

There is a thin line between a rebel and a fool. Do not miss seeing that line.

So, to make this easier, I find it best to break music down into two broad categories; Vocal and Instrumental.

1. Vocal Music Classes In Bangalore Are In Great Demand

  • Best Vocal Classes Comprise Western Vocal And Vocal Classical

Vocal is a very important part of music as this is where one plays with common perceptions of speech-sound. Here in, lyrics come together with training one’s voice quality in order to fit the mood of the song. The sound and harmonies produced by the throat arise out of intensive training and repetitive practice. I remember a story I once read called ‘The rose and the nightingale’ by Walt Whitman, where in a nightingale sings her heart out (literally) in the name of love. Music has at its power the whole world and love bows its head down to it too. It comprises classical vocal, Carnatic vocal, light vocal and western vocal.

Classical Music Classes In Bangalore Cater To Indian Musical Traditions

  • Indian Classical Includes Hindustani Classical And Carnatic Classical

  • Western Classical Includes Masterpieces By The Great Masters

Classical vocal includes understanding ragas and how to pronounce them along with riyaaz which is a workout of the vocal muscles. It is important for training one’s vocal chords to work on pitches and also to work on breathing and the movement of the diaphragm. Yes, singing is to do with the throat, but it is also to do with the mind, body organs and posture.

Classical Vocal includes a wide range of music categories in India. India is made up of various cultures and traditions and each culture has its own form of expression through music.

Carnatic Music Classes Vs Hindustani Music Classes In Bangalore

  • Best Carnatic And Hindustani Classical Rhythms Are One Up On Each Other!

Carnatic Music belongs to the southern part of India and has its own set of ragas much different from the ragas belonging to Hindustani Music Classes. The instruments that accompany each school of music are different too. For example, Hindustani music may include much more of the tabla whereas Carnatic Music will include more of the Ghatak.

India celebrates different musical traditions and instruments of different cultures as each culture is so invested in expressive art forms. Music becomes a medium to understand and explore each of these cultures form different parts of the country and through that unravel the human beings of a particular region. To share with each other the knowledge of music is perhaps, one of the noblest deeds to do.

Light Music Classes In Bangalore Have A Broader Mass Appeal

  • Many Free Online Classes Available Across World Wide Web!

  • Bengali Rabindra Sangeet, Christian Choirs And Songs In All Languages Including Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil And Telugu

Many of these light music classes in Bangalore are also conducted online on freely available websites like YouTube. These Light Music Classes are meant for beginners to understand the basic principles of taking singing classes and are conducted in a relaxed and methodological way to ease the learning process.

This ease benefits masses and is extremely accessible for anyone with a laptop, phone or iPad. In our age, full of internet, it becomes a very affordable way of learning very technical aspects of music making. All one needs to do is to sign up for a workshop on, or open or choose to read uncountable pdf’s on music theory and development.

Music has now crossed all boundaries and is available to us at a simple click from any device, from any part of the world.

Singing Classes In Bangalore Rule The Roost

  • Be It Classical Singing, Playback Singing, Western English Songs Or Hindi Bollywood Singing!

Without adding words to a song, it is called ‘instrumental’ music. But, adding poetry to a tune makes it more memorable and explanatory. We all have our favorite songs to which we know the lyrics to and these lyrics come back to us again and again in life. Additionally, each song carries a different mood and these lyrics add to that mood, but what is important is for the mood to be conveyed by the correct texture of voice. This voice needs to be trained through vocal singing classes.

Vocals form the heart of a song. There are various kinds of singing. Playback singing can include much of Bollywood singing, where one sings for a particular purpose to enhance the film on a tune designed by a composer. Classical singing, on the other hand is for vocal training of one’s chords and understanding music in depth. But there also exists western singing where one can pursue the same but through a western training form. No form is better or worse than another, depending on the purpose of learning. Music is uniform and yet refreshing across all boundaries, states and intensive training programs.

Western Music Classes In Bangalore Are Popular Among The Younger Generation

  • X Gen Loves Dance And Electronic Music!

What about great maestros like Yiruma, Beethoven, Bach and Spanish music, Latino music, Arabian music etc? I remember watching movies like The Sound of Music and Singing in the Rain and thinking to myself, where this sort of music has disappeared. Something so simple and elegant and ordinary! Something you and I can make together sitting in the warmth of our room, with no technology and no instruments!

Indian music is one broad form of music, and if we zoom out, music is an obvious medium of expression across the world. Western music that includes the raga of Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti also contains 7 notes and is one out of many uncountable ways of learning and training our vocals. There are hundreds of forms of Western Classical Music too with an immense bandwidth of genres.

So go explore it all! You could even just start with karaoke sets or even karaoke tracks from!

2. Instrumental Music Classes In Bangalore Have A Separate Existence Of Their Own

  • Guitar, Keyboard, Piano And Violin Dominate The Scene

Music is also a labor of the body. It requires one to sit in awkward positions and create sounds that are so breath-taking that one feels the worth of the sweat and pain. And there are instruments all around us; anything that makes sound is an instrument!

All one needs to do is understand the quality of sound that comes from any instrument, and study and feel the same. Each instrument conveys a different feeling and reaches different pitches and octaves. You can learn about this all this and more in the instrumental music classes in Bangalore!

Guitar Classes Are The Most Popular Among All Instrumental Classes

  • Best Accompaniment With All Kinds Of Music!

Guitar is the most popular musical instrument which is very easily available around and is quite inexpensive too. With this one instrument, you could explore the blues, or rock or metal, or an endless list of genres of music. Guitar classes can help you understand chords and finger styles and put you to practice them because it is a physical job.

I remember when I heard the song “Greensleeves”, that is when I first decided to learn the guitar and I told myself, if I only can learn this one tune, I will know I am good at the guitar. Sometime, liberation takes only one tune.

Keyboard Classes Have Their Own Charm As Electronic Music

  • A Good Instrument For Passing Trinity College London Exam!

My sister learned to play the keyboard earlier on in her school life and I was highly enamored by the sound of the keys on that little black instrument she had. There is something extremely meditative about a keyboard for some reason. However, on the contrary, I have seen people sweat uncontrollably and have stiff fingers at the end of a gig too! So, as effortless as it seems, the keyboard to requires an immense amount of effort.

Piano Classes – The Mother Of All Music Classes

  • An Instrument Of Grace Capable Of Creating An Entire Production On Its Own!

Imagine, now, taking a keyboard and tripling it in size. I do not mean quality, but size.

I once witnessed one of my friends’ rehearsal from Singapore. As he sat behind the glossy veneer, he was playing River Flows in You by Yiruma, and I couldn’t breathe through his entire performance. He said he missed a few notes and was sorry, whereas, I almost had tears in my eyes. That is when I understood, that as a listener, I could never understand the amount of practice and trials a musician goes through in order to get the perfect scale, the perfect amount of tenderness on the keys and correct the length of each note.

River flows in you is my personal favorite piano solo now because it somehow makes me feel like I am sitting apart from the world at a riverbank and listening to the waves crash into the pebbles around me.

Violin Classes Kindle The Memories Of Yesteryear’s  King Of All Musical Instruments

  • Western Violin And Carnatic Violin Make It Two Instruments In One!

But my, personal favourite instrument is violin. Something about it touches my soul and makes me reflect into my past, my feelings and my virtue. For me, violin adds the mood in an orchestral setup. It hints to me the feeling the whole piece is trying to convey. So, if you have the patience to hold posture and the arm strength to play something which searches your soul, I would highly recommend violin classes to you.

But, aside form these common instruments, I would like to say that anything which makes a sound, can make music.

So look out for pots, spoons, safety pins, water or even your own body and create! And once you know all these rules, remember to forget them in order to free yourself of any boundaries!