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Photography is the art of being able to capture a moment in time: with grace, precision and aesthetic beauty.

The real worth of a photograph lies in the viewers’ eyes and a photographer’s job is to be able to direct their eyes onto it. This requires an intensive study into the ways of seeing. John Berger’s books and videos would be a good reference point.

This study can arise out of reading paintings which were the origin of a photograph. What a painter took years to do, a photographer can achieve with the technology and expertise we have in a much lesser time. However I would not say it takes as long as a click. NO!

A photograph is a digital painting, which requires a photographer to study the content and find the best possible way with the optimum set design and suitable lighting. These sound more like a studio set, however, the well-trained photographers are those who know how to shoot in available natural lighting.  Special photography courses in Bangalore that help you put all this in practice are what you need!

The Right Place For Photography Courses In Bangalore

  • Regular Weekday And Weekend Batches

  • Expert Photographers As Professional Trainers For Beginners As Well As For Experts

We at Meeraqi understand the difference between an institution and a place that imparts knowledge. Photography courses in Bangalore offered at Meeraqi are meant for the purpose of referencing, noticing, and learning through observing. And once the study is done, you could choose to go for direct application of your learning and also be able to talk to professional photographers project by project regarding the positives and negatives at each point of your work. With this feedback (which you could choose to avoid or take) you also get an insight into an artist’s world.

The resources and the correct references are a crucial point for one to start building on. The artists who conduct the courses are highly versed in their fields and have a beautiful curated list of references and inspirations that in turn teaches you about the history of the country the photograph was shot in and why it was shot then.

Thus, any art course here is not just a course that belongs to one field, because art is not like that. It overlaps with all forms of art, politics and even economics. The whole world is directly linked to art and we here, attempt to bring in the largeness of this concept into our small workshops and classes.

Photography In Bangalore Has A Plus Side To It

  • There Are Many Colleges And A University Offering Certificate, Diploma And Degree

  • You Can Work Full Time As Well As Part Time Here

The world needs a legibility to any design course so as to be able to employ and give you work. However what you learn in art institutes is difficult to apply to the real world and most of the graduates in India go through a trying time of converting one’s artistic excitement into works that are done for commercial sectors. This process slowly kills the artist within. This is what I like to call the Dying Artist’s Generation.

Hence, here at Meeraqi, we create a space for photographers to learn and then to create what they want. And then consecutively provide a gallery space for art collectors and practitioners to come in and buy your work (if it is for sale).

Meeraqi with its photography courses in Bangalore has taken its first step towards fighting against the colonization and sale of dreams to the economic sector and is trying to build a utopia for artists of the world.  A good advice for all the people who want to try following their artistic passions would be to free up their time in order to learn or work part time over here.

Do You Have An Eye To Filter Out The Best Photography In Bangalore?

  • If You Do, You Can Easily Learn To Become A Professional Photographer Here!

But, photography in a technical aspect is about a conceptual and aesthetic eye. An eye that can recognize a good photograph from the bad and tell what exactly is bad about it! That is a well-read mind. But if you don’t like it and cannot pin-point why, it is the mind of an amateur. There is nothing wrong about that too. But, if you want to study photography as a professional, their needs to be a balance between acceptability to freshness as well as pre-conceived ways of taking a photograph.

For me, a film is made up of hundreds of photographs because cinema is nothing but a collection of moving images. There is a Polish film called Ida which is my ultimate favorite in terms of photography and film coming together; and since Meeraqi also teaches filmmaking, this is the place for the confluence of the same river.

Our photography facilitators in our photography courses in Bangalore do not teach photography just in terms of composition, color and object but also in terms of history, mood and the feelings generated through each type of framing.

Want To Join Regular Photography Classes In Bangalore?

  • You Can Choose Any Out Of Fashion, Wildlife, Still, Food, Styling, Modeling, Nature, Travel, Wedding, Portrait, Photojournalism, Candid Or Videography

Photographs dominate the world. We as a society are a very visual world and have become very receptive to anything visual. With this, we expect images to speak to us and tell us what words do not.

Thus photography dominates all the industries today and you can choose whichever you would like to go for. Would you like to capture the memories of a wedding, or swim in the glamour of fashion or would you rather want to fight for social cause with an NGO or even on your own?

Meeraqi believes in whatever you believe in because from the very beginning it treats you as an artist eager to learn and explore rather than an individual who is a part of our flawed social system of life. We fight against conditioned ways of reasoning and learning and this is a great place to unlearn everything you know and start afresh in its photography courses in Bangalore with a new way of looking at life. Who knows you might find your true calling here!

There Are Quite A Few Photography Workshops Always Available

  • An Advanced Workshop May Equal 10 Regular Classes!

Since this is a visual world, many people have become very excited towards filmmaking and photography courses in Bangalore. They even try and combine other art forms along with these, which seems pretty awesome! However it is important to be taught with diligence and sensitivity.

What these photography courses in Bangalore should teach you perhaps are not just the rules of the game, but also how to deny them and create your own. This is an original and evolved artistic thought. This is also a plea to accept creativity and individuality. Imagine a world where EACH outcast is in fact an insider who is appreciated for their strange way of thinking! Thus, there would be less division in the world; maybe even less wars. Well, that is an extremely idealistic thought, but perhaps, the small fights between people could be avoided at least.

Thus, here in photography courses in Bangalore at Meeraqi you would learn the triple amount in a single class as opposed to a general class. This is because we run on different ideals and different teaching approach.

Photography Training Is The Ultimate To Make One A Professional Photographer

  • One Short Term Training May Equal 10 Elaborate Workshops!

This vision is what we want to pass on to the young or even the old learners because you can change anything you want at any point of time. All it takes is courage and a balanced mind.

Speaking of balance, photography is full of understanding mathematical proportions and balance visually. However it requires a certain amount of math in terms of understanding shutter speed, frame rate, time-lapse, speed change etc.

But if and when you take short-term photography courses in Bangalore, they would help you delve into the details on a regular basis of learning, applying, and critiquing yourself. This is much more than what you would learn in broken chunks of weekend classes. This sort of choice requires one to have a dedication coming from one’s curiosity to learn, explore and engage. You would also get the opportunity to interact with artists from different fields and spheres that would expand your vision and thought.

Free Photography Courses Are Okay For Superficial Knowledge Alone

  • One Needs To Pay Proper Fees To Learn Something Substantial

There is difference between entertaining curiosity and excruciating curiosity. If you want to learn photography for a whim over the weekend, you should apply for free photography courses in Bangalore that show you beautiful photos where you get to appreciate the art of photography.

However, if you are really curious to learn how they happened, you have to go through an excruciating process of knowledge intake where half the class happens with others but the rest of it happens on your own where you read, write and experiment! This is the process of undergoing artistic effort where in you have to continuously ask yourself questions and take in probable harsh critique from others. These are the times when you look at yourself and ask, “ When will I ever reach that level of perfection?”

To be honest, the answer is “Never”; for a true artist never feels satisfied with him/herself. Something always seems to be underneath the level of quality and ultimately a compromise is made by the artist’s heart.

This is the unquenchable artist’s burden.

Digital Photography Classes In Bangalore Have Made It Much Easier In Many Ways

  • You Can Make An Online DSLR Club And Share Your Digital Stuff With Others!

What has happened with evolution of technology is that classrooms have shifted to laptops and smartphones. So if you are a geek and like to learn everything on your own or through Google, please look out for online photography classes where in you can interact with people from all over the world who share their references and works with you. You could also take part in cross-country or cross-continent classes where you can collaborate, share experience and create work together.

The advantage of these classes is the unlimited freedom you get to explore other cultures, traditions and thought styles along with lifestyles.  In online classes, you have the freedom to collaborate with as many people you want and learn from professors from across the world.

There are some very interesting free online classes too which can educate you on the principles of composition, color and mood-making along with other students belonging to different nationalities.

Digital Photography Courses In Bangalore Are Even Better Than Classes

  • Courses Focus On A Broader Vision Than Classes

Coming back to the origin and metamorphosis of photography into its different breeds and genres, the intention of photography still remains the same; to capture a true moment that reminds us of a reality that once was.

There is so much that has happened in the history of this world and the only way of proving these things is through photographs that exist till now. We humans do not believe anything until we see it or have a proof of it. Photography provides the proof of hundreds of wars that have happened and the realization that there are hundreds that are happening right now that we do not know about because they are not being captured.

Digital war photography is a whole different tangent of photography that deals with courage and morality. A very questionable pair of words when put together. Digital photography courses are not only about making beautiful pictures but also about the history and the morality that revolves around making pictures. It is much more about humanity and the truth that revolves around the perception of it.

Professional Photography Courses Face The Biggest Challenge

  • They Need To Produce Real Time Results!

Sadly professional photography, just like war photography needs to be done under a tight timeline and after a point, instinct and muscle memory take over the heart and soul of a photographer. It is almost like being in state of flow.

These professional photography courses in Bangalore enable you to stand on your feet and deliver results of professional skill in the least amount of time. Here time is money because each hour that you are there, you are probably spending lacs of rupees on rented lights, gaffers and models.

This industry due to its corporate approach is under a lot of pressure and trains a photographer under harsh circumstances to be fast and professional with a high level of skill set. If you want to go through the grind to one day, be able to shoot the kind of pictures you would love to make as this is a brilliant training ground for you!

Training grounds are important because they make you realize what you like and what you dislike. They help you reach conclusions through deduction of choices. The way Sherlock Holmes does!

Photojournalism Courses In Bangalore Are Quite Popular Professionally

  • With Online Expansion, Its Demand Has Increased Further!

We have talked about righteousness, courage, history, art, paintings etc but which is the platform where all of this is coming together today?

Social media!

Every Instagram post, every Facebook post, every podcast or live news recording is nothing but photojournalism.

With the intervention of the Internet, the whole world has gained the power of knowing everything all the time through the Internet connections. Photos and visual media have become the only source of knowing the truth these days. Yes, although these photos can be manipulated through intelligent software yet this is where morality comes in.

Photography courses in Bangalore must teach its students about morality and the cost of lying to the world. One single photograph can start an entire revolution so be careful of what you click. Have the courage not to sell yourself out whatever may the reason be or the circumstance you are in. Be a responsible photographer who loves the people of the world even if you feel they are against you. They probably just don’t know any better.

Candid Photography Has Increased Its Demand Manifolds

  • Wedding Photography Has Totally Turned Candid Now!

They say you can tell the true nature of a person when she/he is sitting in a dark room. It’s because a person is truly her/himself when nobody can look at her/him.

Such is the beauty of candid photography where in a person is not posing but being one’s natural self. This is even more challenging for a photographer. In this style of natural photography, the photography needs to be emotionally present to understand the mood of the person who he/she is photographing.

This is a huge fad in the industry of wedding photography now! In this style of photography, the photographer gages the mood of the bride, groom family and the extended family to be able to make beautiful memories out of unseen moments that could be forgotten if not captured.

Candid photography has certain freshness to it because being an intuitive process it involves the fusing of the photographer’s and the subject’s emotions.

Fashion Photography In Bangalore Is Seeing New Highs With Fashion

  • Fashion World Has Lately Seen New Openings In This City!

The cosmopolitan Bangalore has transformed from the IT industry sector to an artist’s canvas for exploring him/herself. The acceptance of different styles and different forms of representation of one’s fashion style are beginning to take over now! Slowly it is going to turn into the fashion capital of India. This is particularly because of the cosmopolitan nature of the city and the immense need to express oneself.

Hence it is also turning into a hub for fashion photography. Fashion photography requires the photographer to be up to date with the trends of the market in order to follow them or to negate them completely and come up with her/his own style.

But a fashion photographer depends a lot on the beauty of the model, and thus, it becomes important for him/her to understand and study the model’s different profiles and see what should be highlighted and which clothing would suit which model. It is also a game of lighting the model well to get the best quality of photos with a stunning model in her/his best look!

Wildlife Photography Courses Cater To An Evergreen Demand In The Field

  • Wildlife Has Become Even More Important Under Impending Threat Of Widespread Extinction!

Stunning photos do not just limit themselves to human beings or nature. Wildlife photography is a great way of reminding people of the power of nature and the beauty of wildlife.

Channels like National Geographic are evergreen and cater to an ever growing market of wildlife photography. This has become an important social cause because of the probable extinction of many insects, birds and even mammals owing to poaching, killing and trading of animals. The decay of the environment and natural habitat are major factors threatening their extinction too.

In these cases, wildlife photography becomes a very crucial way of spreading the message and adding value to the lives of the flora and fauna of the world. There are such wondrous creatures in the universe that only wildlife photographers might have witnessed. So go on to your fantastic adventure now!

The more you see, the better hand you will get of how to do wildlife photography as it requires a certain skillset of clicking the best photos. It can be dangerous if an untrained individual goes to a photograph a cheetah or leopard that can jump at its prey anytime! So you need to right guidance to get the right results!

Portrait Photography Is The Commonest Niche That Will Always Stay As Such

  • You Will Always Need A Passport Size Photograph, Won’t You?

I sometimes wonder if portrait photography began from the paintings of Van Gogh or Turner or Munch. They all had their own distinct ways of capturing the reality in their own natural instinctive ways. Then, when photography came in, the truest representation of the faces came into existence. Imagine a world where there were no mirrors or no photographs. We could only see versions of ourselves through each other’s perceptions and eyes. Maybe, then, at least then, we would look into each others’ eyes intently and look for meaning within each other.

Well, that is not the world we live in and it’s quite sad. However on the flipside, portrait photographs will never go out of fashion and will always be in need in order to scan your identity.

The market of portrait photography is huge and evergreen and hence if you are interested in bringing out a person’s features and creating the truest copy of him/her, do take portrait photography classes. It is in them that you will unravel the minutest details of the faces of a human being and the different expressions in the eyes of each individual. In them you will be able to tell the whole story of a person’s life through just one immersive click!

Wedding Photography Courses In Bangalore Cater To A Huge Market Now

  • Candid Photographers Are In Great Demand At Weddings!

If you want to witness the dream day of an individual, join candid wedding photography courses in Bangalore and become a candid wedding photographer. Here, you will not only get to witness the beauty of everyone in the best of their attires and looks but also the kinds of families that exist and get a very true insight into the functioning of families and the social structure. To come to think of it, weddings are a great venue for psychology students too!

Jokes apart, weddings are where you get to laugh and smile with a hundred or thousand different people who have come together to celebrate the joy of two people. What could be more beautiful than that harmony?

But the key to capture the truest of these moments is only through candid photography; synonymous for real photography. Funnily enough, nowadays, people pose for candid photography, which kind of subverts the whole idea of it. That is the easier way out for non-talented professionals! If you are a true photographer, you would never let your clients pose for candid photography and do such a great job through moments of thorough observations and intuition that they would not even need to click any more photos!