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Does yoga really help? Is it just a trend? The answer is yes and no, in order.

Yoga is the most optimum form of exercise that helps you to not just get in shape with your body, but to align your life in its totality.

Yoga studios are important because having a dedicated space for yoga is a great idea.  Yoga requires stretching which enables body’s muscles to elongate and become firmer. If Yoga is started at an early age or is done for a long time, there is a huge visible difference in the posture of a person which also helps the personality he/she carries.

Thus, having a dedicated space and time alongside fellow yoga students under a good yoga teacher seems like a perfect reformatory approach to life.

A Trusted Place For Authentic Yoga Classes In Bangalore

  • Daily Early Morning, Evening And Regular Weekend Batches

  • A Big List Of Yoga Exponents As Professional Trainers For Adults And For Beginners

  • Residential Dorms Available

The importance of Yoga has now been realized widely. A result of this is that there are various yoga classes in Bangalore being conducted for all age groups all across the city. Since there are so many options, there are also various batches you can choose from according to your own convenience. And what is more, some of these places really have exceptional teachers trained in the art of yoga and its uses.

Yoga can also be looked as a strengthening and medicinal approach for the body where in arthritis, spondylitis and other postural issues get resolved. Yoga could be the replacement for physiotherapy and has a long term effect on your lifestyle. It is not a class you take and forget; it is so beneficial that after a point it becomes part of your daily routine.

Yoga seems to be the answer to many issues and so do yoga classes in Bangalore, not just physically but also philosophically! It brings the peace and composure into one’s empty life.

Premium Yoga Centres In Bangalore Have An Elitist Culture

  • Follow Authorities Like Baba Ramdev, BKS Iyengar, Sadhguru Isha, Art Of Living And Bharat Thakur

  • Fee And Cost Of Premium Higher Than Charges And Fees For Regular Centres

Trust me, you need to believe in the power and healing nature of yoga for optimum results otherwise it will become a mechanical process of pulling and pushing your lungs up and down in lieu of feeling the air enter and exit your wondrous body.

Hence, it is best not to make it a trendy business for the elite or the stressed-out only. Otherwise it will become a money-making machine for yoga centres charging a high premium and a high cost for yoga classes in Bangalore. I fear yoga changing into a commercial industry just like the ‘organic’ one where the ‘purer’ grains are only for people who can afford it. I really do not understand why the more natural thing is more expensive as opposed to the processed goods which need more labor put into them. It is almost like an apple is more expensive than an apple pie. Get my point?

So join yoga centres which have the correct ethos and if you cannot find one, it would be wiser to join a meditation centre where in they teach you yoga anyway.

Specialized Yoga Courses In Bangalore Are Growing In Demand

  • Advanced Courses Like Aerial Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Facial Yoga, Swara Yoga, Tantra/Tantric Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Raja Yoga And Yoga Mudra

What I find interesting is the progress that some centers have done with yoga.  They have managed to make it more exciting by adding new layers of exercise or concentrating on more spiritual levels or on different parts of the body.

For example, facial yoga classes in Bangalore would be great for theatre actors and performers of any kind. However, what I am completely enamored by is aerial yoga classes in Bangalore that Meeraqi offers. It literally lifts you off the ground and makes you fly like a bird. It is like doing Rope Mallakhamba in a way that is very therapeutic in itself.

Hence, there are various yoga courses to choose from and all you need to do is a day’s research to join a place that suits you and understands the motive of real yoga. Real yoga is an experience each time rather than a workout stress buster session. The intention and environment of the space where the classes are being conducted plays a huge role in the consequences of the class.

Best Yoga Classes Are Those That Employ The Best Teachers To Train

  • Ladies Tend To Join Meditation And Yoga Two In One Courses

  • Corporate Demand For Good Yoga Courses Is On Rise

In order to get the maximum benefits of this form of exercising it is important to have excellent trainers who know the cause and effect of each exercise and stretch.

Thus, places like Meeraqi, have the top notch teachers who not only train you but also exude a sense of calm, belonging and sensitivity towards feelings in life. Thus yoga here is not just a form of physical exercise, it is an experience of realizing the worth and potential of one’s body. Occasional sessions of meditation mixed with yoga are an advisable idea too and Meeraqi has already incorporated this method.

However, with the immense amount of work pressure in today’s life, the demand for yoga has gone up in the commercial sector because of its popularity. However it is a good and beneficial idea for people who work 18 hours a day, especially in sectors like IT. However, it is important to understand the worth of this practice and not just take it up because it is trendy.

Hatha Yoga Classes In Bangalore Cover All Aspects Of Yoga

  • Total Transformation Of The Body And The Mind

Think of yoga as a kaleidoscopic sphere. Now each angle of yoga has its own side and its own intention. Hatha Yoga is a blend of all these sides and works on physical as well as internal training of the mind. Detachment of the mind from external thoughts and forces is a huge task in this social media connected world. Hatha Yoga gives you that vacuum of thought and place where you can just be with yourself.

It trains your body physically for the longevity of its well-being and treats it deeply from within using mind exercise focused at one single spot or thing. It helps you to lose yourself to that one spot in a state of control with just your body, mind and that one spot.

Hatha yoga is perhaps the medicine the whole world needs to take so that there comes a point when they notice the discrepancies between the reality and the construct of the world.

Patanjali Yoga Classes In Bangalore Follow 196 Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

  • Obscured Text Resurrected By Efforts From Swami Vivekananda And Theosophical Society

Where did Yoga originate? Who discovered it? And how do we know about the mechanism of each exercise in so much detail?

Patanjali Yoga classes in Bangalore help you understand all these questions as during the classes you are informed about the origin and existence of yoga according to the sutras of Patanjali. Being well informed about the history of any practice is very important for a more evolved understanding of everything. For example, evolution impacts many of our understandings, discoveries and innovations today.

Hence, the practice of understanding the significance and history of each exercise while performing it, adds an added feeling of investment and virtue to the idea of  mental and physical well-being along with enrichment of the mind.

Ashtanga Yoga Classes In Bangalore Address Eight Limbs Of Yoga

  • Eight Limbs: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

This form of yoga makes possible for one to be entirely aware of his/her surroundings through intuition, physical and spiritual modes. I feel, being informed about the surroundings is a very important quality to have in today’s deceptive times where in there are dangers lurking all around us.

There is so much treason and suppressed hatred in our surroundings that sometimes, the air feels heavier when you breathe in it. This is called intuition and ashtanga yoga classes help you understand each of the 8 ways to stay aware through your body.

However, it is not a self-defense class; it could be called more of an awareness class that trains you to deal with situations with calm and composure at a repeated level. Repetition in Yoga, just like ballet, is also considered a good practice. It reminds me of the calmness Zen Calligraphy artists have when they write the same word, over and over again to get the little stroke at the end of each alphabet right.

Iyengar Yoga Classes In Bangalore Emphasize On Detail, Precision And Alignment

  • 200 Classical Yoga Poses And 14 Types Of Pranayama

This form of Yoga delves much more into the details of yoga and its history. This is a class of precision and correct detailing to every movement and stroke in Yoga. This class educates you about all the numerous yoga poses in detail and accuracy. It also teaches you to breathe in several ways and how each sort of breathing has a different purpose and intent.

This I feel is for people who are intrigued by Yoga in its entirety or by advanced practitioners who already know the basic and seek an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of yoga in an in-depth study attitude.

Yoga too is like any art form with its own styles with its passed down history. However, this is extremely spiritual because it has been passed down by Rishis and Munis who practiced this to gain Nirvana and might have felt in one second more than any of us would in our whole life. Therefore yoga has a sort of sanctity around it that needs to be respected.

Bikram Yoga Classes In Bangalore Comprise 26 Postures And 2 Breathing Exercises

  • All Franchise Classes Taught By Bikram-certified Teachers

This Yoga form consists a decided set of postures that are continuously worked on to gain perfection on these difficult postures with keen detailing and precision. This is combined with two breathing exercises in order to relieve oneself from tensed muscles or take a break.

But, since this is a more specialized form of Yoga training, it needs to be taught by the correct teachers as well who are certified under this particular form of Yoga as an art form.

A correct set of instructions can lead to a healthier way of life, but a wrongly suggested way of doing Yoga can cause a slow and gradual increasing decay to your body and body structure. Hence, it is important to know who you are giving your trust and time to. Take an informed decision and choose facilitators who are well trained certified teachers in yoga, so as to gain the most amount of correct information for the well-being of your body.

Artistic Yoga Classes In Bangalore Are Therapeutic In Design

  • Sessions Are Unique Each Day And Focus On Only Two Body Parts In A Day

  • Yin Over Yang!

This seems like a more Meeraqi thing to do!  Artistic yoga classes are very exciting and much more about feeling than exercising to an extent. It is about creatively exercising with a change in the exercises daily and working out on different concentrated body parts each day.

This helps you understand and work out two specific body parts for training, strengthening and toning. Repetitive exercise in this for one single day can bring you better results on the concentrated parts than doing overall exercising every day.

However, artistically, it is a lot of fun trying out new forms of exercise every day! This is for the more adventurous and the more excited population of yoga learners who do not want to stick to the rules and want to experiment with the traditional ways of doing yoga. However it is not done without keeping the protection of the body in mind.

The body is pious and important; it should not be played around with for any purpose.

Power Yoga Classes In Bangalore Aim At Improving Strength, Balance And Flexibility

  • Akshar Power Yoga Offers Aerobically Challenging Sessions

This form of yoga exercises could be for dancers and athletes who also see the worth in flexibility. I feel flexibility is the most important virtue for an active person. There is no point being strength with no flexibility and balance. People who lift weights generally work on becoming strong, but not flexible which is perhaps what you need the most as you grow older.

Power yoga is a tougher form of yoga that trains the body for strength, the core are for balance and the muscles for flexibility. Balance is another thing that we have not touched upon till now. Balance of the body is different from the balance of the mind, although the two are interlinked. The core of our body lies in our stomach area; this is what helps us lift up heavy things, practice yoga, sing, hold our posture right and even in digestion.

Therefore practicing balancing exercises particularly in this form of yoga is highly beneficial and required.

Hot Yoga Classes In Bangalore Performed Under Hot And Humid Conditions

  • Include Bikram Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Power Yoga And TriBalance Yoga

Ever sat in a sauna-steam? What does it do? How do you feel after sweating out all the dead skin and dirt of your body?

Now imagine combining that feeling with a post yoga feeling! Feels like an accomplished hour, right?

Yes! There is a form of yoga that is performed in hot and humid conditions to cleanse your body of any waste in any manner! This also teaches you perseverance and makes you practice dedication in real life.

Now these two are two of the most key qualities of life. Imagine the exhilarating feeling of being able to hold a balanced posture in a hot forest surrounding! I think you could do very well when the world is about to end through fire or storm!

This form of yoga is great for the cleansing of the body internally and externally along with learning about the art of balance.

Free Yoga Classes Available On The Internet Online

  • Yoga Videos For Beginners And Experts Alike

If you cannot do any of this, just practice by taking yoga classes on YouTube or buy one of those books that pictorially explain each and every yoga pose and exercise. My personal preference would be YouTube as you could follow their actions to practice yoga more easily!

There are plenty of videos made by yoga enthusiasts and trainers all across the world for people of all ages and levels.

But, if you would like to instead try out aerial or artistic yoga alongside other forms of meditation, Meeraqi is the place to be. It not only teaches you yoga, it makes you reconnect with yourself and really gives you the much-needed vacuum of thought and worries.

It enables you to be a more evolved person.